Sunday, September 30, 2012

~ Guerrillas in the Piss... ~

Considering how yellow these scans turned out, the above title isn't too far off:

Koshrut Golem. 

Me and this guy ended up talking about guerrilla filmmaking this past week. Minimal everything, be it story, props, sets, crew, time, you name it. I figured having a two or three page set of beat boards would be in the proper spirit of the whole thing, since it'd encompass script, storyboards, and technical breakdown (props, location) all in a compact 2/3 page document, while being an easy form of visual handout to give to the potential crew.

An initial sketch that got the whole thing rolling. I really like the grocery store environment as a film setting; lots of interesting lighting options and tons of environmental aspects that lend to deep perspective in almost every shot. Not enough grocery stores in films. The Big Lebowski set the standard for cinematic grocer interiors, with The Friends of Eddie Coyle covering the parking lot.


Some environmental development sketches for an upcoming project:
Some character designs for an old-school side scroller, plus some basic layout pages for the above project:


Micah said...

Very inspiring to see your personal work dude! Looking forward to seeing more :)

Khylov said...

Cool, thanks man.

C.Deboda said...

Really dig your sketches!...even when they are covered in piss. -_-

Khylov said...

Thanks much. I had someone accuse me once of trying to get into a pissing contest with them at work; and I remember thinking "Contest? I'm just trying to make it into the bowl. That's what we're paid to do, right?"