Saturday, August 04, 2018

Obligatory Retro Game Post - What I've Been Playing

Posted this already over on the Instagram and (don't laugh) the Deviantart page.

Anyhow, a visual representation of GBA games I've been playing recently. Was a little too late in getting this done to enter into this year's Forget Me Not: Art Against Alzheimer's charity art auction, but next year will prove to be a challenge since stuff apparently flew off the shelves and raised over $5k. Not bad for something homegrown by Allan Hancock Animation Hellhole alumni on the Central Coast.

- Official Facebook page for Art Against Alzheimer's.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Forget Me Not - Art Against Alzheimer's 2018 prints

For archive purposes, some pieces from this year's annual Forget Me Not - Art Against Alzheimer's. Ended up having about a dozen pieces to contribute this year, as well as plenty of other talented artists, photographers and more.

Some additional pieces not featured in the flyer:

And an updated flyer from the 2017 show:

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Acheulean Beatboard

Piece from almost a year ago. Posted on the Instagram account back then; did a couple slight revisions the meanwhile, mostly having to do with just balancing the faces and head shapes surprisingly enough. (I can see why most artists avoid doing the downward-angled head at a slight turn from center. I think though that this was drawn before I had a more solid undersketch system down, or of establishing the feature distances on a character's face.)

Saturday, June 09, 2018

Beta Euthynus, reworked illustration

A reworked piece that was originally from... I'll say 2015, because why not. Reworked it again last November from scratch, and then reworked the character on the right just now. Redid the facial expression on both drawings entirely, reworked the bottom right pose a little. The original from several months back is on the Instagram account somewhere, for anyone wanting to dig through my old drawings to make the comparison and laugh. (Hell, the original Original is probably on the Blogspot account here somewhere.)

Saturday, June 02, 2018

Character and Story Development Pages

Two condensed pages of recent character studies that sort of bleed over into either story or scene ideas. Spitballing pages, more or less, figuring out both character design and personality.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

New Banner Illustration

As well as playing around with a new watermark logo design. Had the same banner since 2015, which is enough time to be hitting the design of these characters differently, hopefully with a bit more attention to shape balance. I don't remember if I used the older drawing as an underlayer or if I sketched these from scratch; I want to say I did the latter.

(An alternate take):

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Character Design Sketch Pages

Roughly 3 sketch pages, formatted together vertical-wise, moreso for Pinterest than anything else. Good luck ever seeing it there though. As always, some of these can be found on the Instagram account.

Am sure my tens of viewers could care less about whatever progress I may or may not make on this front, but I need to be able to gauge for myself where I'm at in terms of simplifying shape choices, or just having a better shape and line rhythm that isn't sacrificed for the sake of belting out story ideas, and vice versa. Is a fine line between actual productivity and spinning one's wheels in order to feel productive. If the animation industry's taught me anything...  Well, there's a whole tier of management dedicated to extracting the latter. Which I think explains more than a few end results, in things far beyond our own profession.

And then we see it in the wheels,
the wheels!
Which never like to rest,
the wheels! . . .
How heavy are the stones themselves,
the millstones!
They dance in merry ranks . . .
The millstones!

Friday, May 04, 2018

Slumberhexe - Daydream Notebook 01

Intended more as a WIP progress page, throwing a few non-sequential panels together from separate pages. Was also an excuse to explore color options a little more.

~ The original full pic that started the process:

~ Panel detail of the peasant riot:

Slumberhexe - Daydream Notebook 02

The original full page, which ended up going counter clockwise starting from the top right for whatever reason. Trying to create anything should mean allowing yourself to get messy; and despite the eternal critique of other artists (read: animators), getting the creative juices flowing sometimes means not giving much of a damn about everyone else's nitpick; "Not left to right? I can't follow, I don't get it."

Yeah, neither do I. Not fully anyhow. Hence the process of creating.