Sunday, February 15, 2015

Acheulean Wide Shot plus Works In Progress

Newer drawings of an old idea, from an old book, on even older subject material.

...Yes, that made perfect sense.

Dug up an old story idea after having gotten a couple of books illustrated by Zdeněk Burian. Fun stuff to look at if you're into the magic of primal stories and wildlife.
(Simplified color version, minus the filtered light in the background.)

And a couple of WIPs based off the same theme:

Monday, February 09, 2015

Nordic vs Hellenic

Part of a series of fight scene vignettes posted over at the Tumblr:
~ Part 1
~ Part 2

(Also, revised the illustration from the last post. Streamlined some of the shapes and lines on the lady. Pauca sed matura indeed. Seeing your work the day after and in thumbnail format never fails to make for fresh eyes - and to see all of the awkward points in shape and line rhythm.)

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Few But Ripe

The old blog banner's been up for, what, several years now. So, time to give it an overhaul. Will make the actual banner later on if the illustration above holds up to scrutiny over the next few days. 
The uncolored initial first pass. Didn't like the position of the arms, though the perspective on the gun's magazine adds a little extra something. If I'd really been on the ball with harping on the underlying meaning of "pauca sed matura," I'd have given her a plate of grapes instead.
"I believe many works in this world are unnecessary.  I think there are a lot of them like that.  At one point, I thought if I had the time to be making anime like that, I'd rather devote my energy somewhere else... Create 100 things in 10 years or create 1 thing in 10 years." ~Yoshiaki Nishimura

"How do we know movies are even worthwhile?  If you really think about it, is this not just some grand hobby?" ~Hayao Miyazaki

Quotes taken from a recent post by Mark Mayerson discussing the new documentary "Kingdom of Dreams and Madness," which apparently covers Studio Ghibli's production philosophy during "Kaze Tachinu" (The Wind Rises).

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Beta Euthynus Proto Comic Roughs, cont'd

Some lighting and tone studies for what would either be rough comic panels or extremely clean storyboards. Give it another 5 years and these will be considered 1st pass thumbnails.

Saturday, January 03, 2015

Memory Lane, plus random viking sketch

Some older commission design pages from around '08. The concept was supposed to center around a gift certificate or gift-card service with the idea of "Thank you" built into it. I'm not even sure if it's the correct kanji or Japanese term, but that's what I was given. I also think coffee was supposed to be part of the marketing factor, as in "Redeem at Starbucks" or whatever. These are some of the more interesting pages from the bunch.

Once past the initial stages of coming up with ad scenarios, I wanted to hone in on having a flagship character or set of characters that interacted with customers. In this case, a post-WWII delivery man and his pet shiba in tow. This was before I'd heard of Hachiko.
As always, once older material's dug up, the temptation's to correct now-obvious mistakes with the new drawing toys. Ended up redrawing ~40% of each page on the Cintiq. Which when considering the over/under for how crappy some older material can be, isn't all that bad. Mostly retooling of the faces - only took several years to unlearn self-taught bad habits - and some anatomy/shape refining.
Don't remember if this was earlier or later than the above two. In any case, the request was to go beyond the simple boy-and-dog duo. I think I was aiming more for a 50's flagship character that also served as a logo.

And, a random rough page from a recent series of Hellas-meets-Viking vignettes.

Monday, December 22, 2014


Already posted the color version over at the Tumblr. But not the follow-up comic panels (below), reserved for you faithful tens of Bloggers.
Some alternate positions for arms & hands and whatnot, though they could be holographic extensions if she turns out to be an android or alien. And yes, that's Pen Ward and Colin Fleming in the war-driving van, beckoning our heroes to make a quick getaway. Feels like some shape refining and simplification in the foreground characters are needed.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Athena's Owl - Vignettes

...And the greytone version. Had to jettison some of the metallic and floor highlights since those were done later on in color. Odd how depending on the colors chosen, the tone seems darker than the greytone study.

And one half of a character page from this past month.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Beta Euthynus Chimera Duo

Two characters that have gotten the most drawing mileage from me this past year. Skipped the greytone stage and just hit the colors as I would 2-tone, adjusting opacity on the layer as needed. Along with a host of other drawings, this one's gotten a few reworkings; but I need to make a point of just saying "~Fin~"and throwing it out there after a reasonable time instead of after months or years. Personal habits needs to overlap with professional.

(And, the Viking pic from last week. Reworked older bamboo mat painting from several years ago, revisions done in Photoshop. Not entirely happy with it, but when am I ever going to be, amirite.)

Athena's Owl sketch, WIP cont'd

Reworked from last week. Toned, as well as some of the shapes and lines on the girl being changed, the aim being to make the overall line rhythm of the character smoother. Fewer hatch and overlap lines, etc. The less noise when things are busy, the better.