Sunday, May 20, 2012

~ More Storybook and Random Sketches...~

Might as well start off with something that I won't cringe at in a few weeks' time:

And now, the cringe-worthy stuff. An attempt at telling a story. Also, words in the margins, when legible:

No surprise that UFO documentaries were on the playlist while I was drawing these. Still feeling I've got a bit of hit-and-miss with the drawing end of things, esp. the faces. These are cool-out pages from after work, and afterwork usually has an amount of mindless Youtube playing in the background while busting out in the sketchbook; so that may have something to do with it, the distraction and all. I think the trick is to not have anything visual moving in front of you on a monitor, just the audio. Plenty of the Unsolved Mysteries soundtrack and narration that fueled the above, for better or for worse.

Have noticed that I tend to have at least two panels that are fairly close in pose or composition whenever doing these things. Probably the need to do something other than a first pass that's subconsciously nagging at me; "Redraw that again, y'big dummeh!" My subconscious apparently being Redd Foxx. Which would explain the recurring theme of naked ladies.


The above from the last sketch book. Didn't upload it for some reason even though I scanned it months ago. Perspective's doing two different things between the Archetype Woman and the background; which is partially on purpose. Probably would need to push her pose a bit more to sell it as an upshot if I were going for something more literal, like a comic panel. As is, I'll settle for it being a lame Klimt/Mucha thing.

 Channeling the spirit of Marina.

Looking at the last sketch page of the Slumberhexen from the last post, I've got some ways to go before I can hit faces consistently. This one feels a bit better.


Octavio E. Rodriguez said...

Awesome stuff!

TH3DEN said...

Waiting for the next installment of the comic. :D I very much like the way the pages are laid out. Very nice shots and uninterrupted by speech bubbles. I'm sorry, but you are gonna have to continue telling the story because that was too much awesome to stop there. :D

Cap'n John said...

I enjoyed the method of storytelling as well as the actual story itself, and your art is great, as always.

My one...not a problem, per se, but critique is of the first standalone pic of "Archetype woman" (?). You've already mentioned that the perspective is not consistent so maybe that's what is throwing it off, but compared to her body I find her arms too skinny, likewise her left knee.

Khylov said...

Thanks much. Will be by shortly.

Thanks again. Hadn't thought about the lack of word bubbles. Is kind of nice not having to draw around them, now that you mention it (or having to fit the text inside of them).

Cap'n John;
Thank you sir. Should point out that this drawing of the woman was (I think) the third or fourth iteration. I can probably chalk this up again to distraction and Unsolved Mysteries playing in the background.

Part of the problem was having done a series of drawings previous of this character that were trying to be a bit more uniform or codified/correct (the first several versions of this drawing included). As was, got tired of it and ended up drawing her face differently, so just went with it and pushed the proportions all around, and away from what I was doing previous.

One problem I have is being too contained on first-pass drawings, not pushing the thick-to-thin proportions enough naturally, or of choosing shape choices that don't seem dynamic one to another. May explain why I tend to do things like thin knee to larger calf. As for the arms, I can see where thicker would've fit the Willendorf motif I apparently have with her hips and legs, but I'd rather err on wider below the waist for the lady designs rather than the arms. As much as I hate to say it, think Kim Kardashian proportions.

As is, looking at it now, her left forearm should be tucked in at the elbow if she's holding something, but didn't want to drop her shoulderline especially on that side; I liked the look of shoulders upraised almost like she's shrugging in an unsure or insecure manner. Either way, this'll be one piece that will get reworked somewhere down the line.

Sauro Quaglia said...

Fascination is the first word that comes to mind as I enjoy your work. Nice to know that certain habits are "global". Lately, while drawing, I like the background sound of crypto-archeology documentaries.

Chris Palmer said...

Loved going through the story. Your composition and acting never ceases to amaze me, Kyle!

Can't wait to see more.

Khylov said...

Such commentary; I am undeserving, folks.

Austin Madison said...

Hey Kyle, I don't have your email but just wanted to say thanks for putting in a good word with the Spidey folks. Looking forward to collaborating with you and hopefully getting some story feedback from ya!

Khylov said...

No prob; glad to have you on board. My gmail address should be on the email Phil sent out yesterday.