Saturday, October 20, 2012

~ Adieu, Adieu... ~

... Thus spoke the cranial doctor in Heart of Darkness.

An older sketch:
 Trying to make a habit out of redrawing the same face or pose several times over, complete with follow-throughs for the poses:

Pale, listless, and lifeless apparitions that haunted the upstairs the other day - I'm guessing interns of some sort. Generally about as pleasant as a lingering fart - hence the ghost theme:
Some sketches from a few months ago. Liked how these turned out. The kid character was loosely based off one of the Bad News Bears kids. The 70's iteration.

Dig the oversized padded jacket:

Some other sketches, complete with the 8-fold path:


chengwhich said...

i have found you!! kick ass stuff, man! let's watch the Prometheus sequel sometime, too! haha.

Khylov said...

From what I hear, Ridley Scott's followed Tarantino's and Lucas' lead and decided to launch an entire series of revisioned films under the title Frathouse. His lead-off film of the bunch is Brometheus.