Sunday, November 08, 2009

~ Win a Trip to Gulag! (Preview) ... ~

...I know it's not much of an update, but the backlog of illustrations and sketches is building up, trust me. Some will hit the scanner soon. In the middle of reading Brothers Karamazov - which is like the book equivalent of running a marathon.


ManuPela said...

Not much?
I think it's cool..I like the tract!

Khylov said...

Cool, thanks much ManuPela. I've got book covers to go with these - just have to take the pictures sometime this week.

Caro said...

Hey Khylov. you have great stuff! All your work is amazing!
I wanted to ask you for your opinion. I noticed that you went to Calarts and right now I'm in the process of putting my portfolio together to apply their. Do you have any suggestions or tips that i should include in the portfolio?

Khylov said...


Hey there. Kind of depends on which department you're looking to apply towards. I can only speak in terms of what I saw in the Animation Dept. while I was there. But I think it's safe to say that regardless the department: The looser and more spontaneous the drawings, the better.

As far as life/gesture drawings: Lots of motion, lots of gesture, not a whole lot of detail unless it's necessary. They tend to like to see suggested form rather than rendering out ball-and-tube studies - in other words, quick or minimal lines as opposed to the classic academic-type drawing. Take a look at Justin Hunt's and Shiyoon's blogs (in the links section) for some good examples of the kind of quick gesture studies the school digs on.

Other than that, if you're going for the Anim. Dept., just showing that you can tell a story via characters, visuals, etc. Probably helps to watch a couple of movies to get ideas for how to stage a scene so as to tell a story in one single illustration.

But just explore, look at a variety of artists, pull inspiration from where ever you can, and play around with your art. They like to see you explore not only style, but ideas.

Hope that was clear and helps. Cheers.

Caro said...

Thanks a lot thats a lot of help! yeah i plan on applying for character animation. My choices are Calarts and Ringling. but I'm hoping for Calarts.

Thanks again.


Khylov said...

No prob, and best of luck.