Friday, October 23, 2009

~ I Hate Sci-Fi... (sort of) ~

Conversation this last week made me realize that sci-fi - besides being my bread and butter for God knows how long - is probably the one genre of storytelling that falls back way too often on the fact that it is sci-fi - the "wow factor", for lack of a better term:

"Check it out - it's spaaaacceee! And they're flying in it!" "Watch as this non-human CG character rides the back of a lightning-fast behemoth with 10 wings!" "Check out this ultra-mega technical object/weapon unfold into - yet another ultra-mega technical object/weapon, which shoots lasers, spins several art-noveau blades, hides in a forcefield, balances the budget, and glows in the dark!"
Dutch angle, etc.

So, given that I apparently hate sci-fi, here's my ode to it. First installment, anyhow:

(Resemblence between this illustration and this professional piece is purely coincidental - I swear Marina, I saw yours after I drew this one.)

Probably have magnetic plates in their butt cheeks.


Red White said...

I imagine that in the last picture, both their butts itched and they came up with an agreeable solution to the problem.

ManuPela said...

The magnetic dance is sooo nice!
What's the music?

Khylov said...

Red White;

Indeed. E=M "CC" ^2. More potent and explosive than Einstein's equation.


Well, since it's magnetic buttplate attraction, I'd have to go with either a Serge Gainsbourg soundtrack, or Herbie Hancock. Both are from the 70's, both are pretty funky - with Serge winning by several points due to the French cop-drama factor.