Thursday, July 23, 2009

~ "Puffy Cheek" ... ~ May Ann likes to say. Been out this week after a tooth pulling and the internet crapping out. But a week's worth of Jell-O and rice pudding = Good times.

In any case, don't know when I'll enjoy internet again, so I'll be turning comment moderation off for now.

And... for all you tens of folks out there who check here from time to time, be considerate of the spambots when they start dropping Nike hyperlinks in the comment box.


On the upside, had some time to work on a side project involving one of the most well designed cars in the world: The Ferrari 250 GT/L Berlinetta Lusso.

Being the most well designed car in the world, it goes without saying that I have to butcher it several times via sketches and general tomfoolery with exaggeration.

My ode to Mr. MacLeod's recent series (the difference being Steve gets it right when he draws autos):

I discovered the golden reason of why comic artists never use existing car designs for their own comics: It's hard.

Designing your own auto-thing and keeping it consistent is easier, since you don't have to worry about gearheads and car enthusiasts faulting you for not getting the wheelbase parallel to the hood, or some other technicality. All the more shameful that I was using reference the whole time (for the car, not the girl).

But at least I can get the girl's countours if I squint enough while drawing:

My horrible renditions of the Italian James Bond-mobile. Ach, the wheelbase... the wheelbase.

Any wonder why I was drawing death and reapers near the end.

If I have time, I'll scan the finished mat in. If I didn't screw up the wheelbase, that is.


samacleod said...

Haha, yeah, these are awesome. I love car drawings.

Red White said...

hahaha, I have a heck of a time drawing anything aside from human. I wouldn't even bother trying to remake a real car, I'd probably just make mine up as well. Then again, I guess it depends on the situation. Anyway dude, good looking stuff.

Mall said...

:3 d'awwwww puffy cheek tsar.... *pinches pinches* i love the way you drew a comic portrait of yoursef. honestly your puffy cheek looks quite handsome tee heee! hey amazing cars, i can't draw because of complex perspective. You're lucky to know everything about drawing perspective especially architecture... (aye master puffy tsar.... :3 ) i'll write it to you soon! hope your net could work soonest! <3

Arthur Mirzoyan said...

Very nice blog!

Munchanka said...

Man, I'm so bad with cars. These look great to me!

Khylov said...

Hey all;

Sorry for not being able to comment individually this time around. I can say though with certainty that the rice pudding seems to be helping with my basic motor function tasks and typing skills.

So, one tooth down, and a step closer to having that full set of fashionable Russian platinum teeth - courtesy of the CIS and Glasnost. Thanks again for commenting everybody.