Monday, August 03, 2009

~ War Driving... ~

So this is what I'm having to resort to these days for an internet fix. Even as I type this, I'm up the street pulling posting this blog off of someone else's wireless.

Speaking of war driving:

Scan and Graf, inspiration courtesy of Colin Fleming and Pen Ward (Character Animation, '05).

I remember going on a war driving session with these guys back during 3rd or 4th year at CalArts. Creeping around Valencia one dark and stormy night in a gun-metal grey Astro minivan (I think), laptop in hand and the A-Team soundtrack bumpin through the speakers, looking for any unprotected wireless connections to be had...

I think we ended up talking to Kevin back at Woodglen Apartments through a webcam.


Short scene I've had sitting around for several months. Finally got around to adding color and words:

And another color piece for all you grim reaper fans. Not as dynamic as I'd've liked it to have been:


Mall said...

*_* why is kitty so beautiful and sexy? <3

Sara said...

I love how free your poses and colors feel. All of your drawings have so much movement and interest to them. :)

Munchanka said...

haha, great stuff man. I love your color sense. It's the real world with just that little twinge of whimsy. It's great that you're an internet pirate, now. It's the American way!

Khylov said...


Because she's based after the perfect model, of course - The Mona Lisa 2000 (or rather, the May Anna Lisa). <3


Thanks much. I think the movement comes from the fact that I can hardly sit still (or keep my attention span for more than 5 seconds) when drawing/painting.


Thanks much man, I've really tried to get the color palette up to par this past year - mostly through negligence and the sudden surge of "Wait! I oughta be working on *that*!" Basically, reliving crunch time for film.