Saturday, April 04, 2009

~ This Weeks' Dump ~

...Of sketches, that is. Can't go wrong with pseudo mech designs...

...Or lady sketches. Some studies of Elena from Street Fighter, for an upcoming show at Gallery Nucleus.

...And a small preview for a short WWII sequence I worked on a little while ago:


Fabian said...

hahaha! Love the title of your post! And yes, you can't go wrong with GIRL SKETCHES! These look amazing.
Good luck on the show on Gallery Nucleus!

TH3DEN said...

Nice! Really excellent sketches man, the soldiers are really tight!

I also just noticed your question about my street fighter piece just now :D and you happen to post some elena sketches, coincidence?

Hmmm... as to my approach for the background and main characters.

For Dan and Ryu i wanted to show an unlikely outcome in a fight between them, which would be Dan winning. For the background characters i wanted to convey how much of an underdog Dan is with the street fighter crowd, in that if he won there would only be like one or two guys to cheer for him. So really i just put a real street fighter crowd in the back :D. And also based on experience because i like to play as Dan, this is usually the reaction i get, just one fan from a crowd. :)

Have a great one at the gallery, will you be posting some pictures?

Khylov said...


Thanks much; I'm hoping that folks will buy my works. Nice thing about Nucleus is that they backlog people's artwork after the show and offer it for sale on their website for about... a month afterwards I think? Still, selling opening night would be even better. We'll see.


Thanks man, and thanks for getting back to me on the SF thing. One thing you said earlier made me realize that the Street Fighter world really does revolve around the whole 'crowd-watching-on' aspect - I hadn't thought about that before. As is, I only have one painting where there's a spectator - and that being one of the main characters.

And hopefully yeah, I'll be posting something before the gallery opening. Picture of me with money from sales would be nice, but I'll be happy just to get these pieces done and delivered this week. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Elena from SF3 is HOOOOT! Dude, I was really disappointed that they didn't include her in SF4. I guess she would then have to compete with Chun Li to see who has the biggest thighs.

Khylov said...

True. I remember seeing one of the illustrations in the SF Tribute having her eating a huge pork(?) thigh, and thinking "Wow... that's messed up."

I'm using a couple of these studies for the last painting of mine to go to the Nucleus gig. Hope you can check it out sometime soon; I'd really dig on that.