Saturday, April 11, 2009

~ "Jab Strong Fierce..." ~

"...A Tribute to Street Fighter". April 25th at Gallery Nucleus.

Following pieces will be featured there, and for sale. So come and buy, friends - bamboo's not just for fingernail shoots anymore.

Acrylic, brushpen, pencil on bamboo

Acrylic, brushpen, pencil on bamboo.

Acrylic, b
rushpen, and pencil on bamboo

Acrylic, brushpen, pencil on bamboo

Sponsored by:
- Capcom
- Udon Entertainment
- I am 8-Bit
- Coin-op TV
- Cha For Tea


TH3DEN said...

Man these turned out really great Khylov!! I love the effect of the bamboo, combined with your work it looks very timeless. My favourite has to be Ryu, Dhalsim, and Sakura!!

Hmmm as per your follow up question for the line of action, i imagined it kinda like this..... For dan really piercing and angled sort of like this > kinda shape. For Ryu taking the impact to the head sort of works like this /, this ) or also like this >. After that i just put the arms to support the over all shape or accentuate the direction the body is going into, sort of like drag or secondary action in animation terms. I don't even know if i made sense.

Good luck at the show, if i was there i would gladly take one off from your hands. Though i'm sure i'll have to fight somebody for the piece i mentioned :D!!

Khylov said...

Well, the way I figure it, folks will be fighting to either buy or to burn my stuff. One of the two. Maybe even buying to burn later? That would be pretty novel.

Actually, Nucleus will keep the art up for a few weeks after opening night, as well offering them for sale online. Then the furnaces, which they keep in the back for unsold art. No, wait, I meant "shipping packages, which they keep in the back". Yeah...

The Sakura piece was a challenge. It's something like 3ft x 2ft. Dhalsim's got a siddhi thing going on with the multiple hands. Not that it was a case of me not being able to decide on which hand pose I wanted. Nooo...

Thanks again for the insight on your SF pic (which made perfect sense, btw), as well as the encouragement. Cheers.

Sorrentino said...

HAHAHAA! These are so fun! Have you played Street Fighter 4 yet? Game is crazy! So do you like the new header?

Khylov said...

Thanks again for stopping by. Haven't played SF4 yet, although judging from screencaptures, it looks pretty detailed and immersive; lots of environment. I hear that the online play has sort of highlighted the fact that most people's method of choice is to play defensive - which I guess has always been the case for the non-button mashers. Also heard gripes that some more well known characters didn't make the cut.

Yeah, I dig the new header. Just add some more posts to go along with it and I'll buy.

Eric Orchard said...

Great pieces! Sounds like a really fun show.

Sun Yoon said...

Hey Kyle!
For being lazy blogger that I am, I finally read your comment on my blog that you left a month ago. :)

You draw with red pencil! That's very unusual. Anyways, your drawings look awesome as always.

Justin Hunt said...

These are great Kyle!

Khylov said...

Eric;Thanks man. I heard the show's going to have SF4 playoffs in-gallery, on several systems hooked up to projectors, w/ between 32 or so players competing for a $500 pot and several other prizes. I'm hoping folks get hopped up enough on button mashing and hadoukens so as to buy a couple of my pieces in the meanwhile. We'll see....

Sun;Hahah, fashionably late, ah? That's why you're still the coolest in my book. I'll try to add some digital donuts in one of my posts sometime soon.

Btw, who's the confused looking pup in your icon?

Justin;Thank you, good sir; I'm just following your lead.

Stop by the gallery sometime on or after the 25th if you have time; and round up Hwang if you can.

andre medina said...

siiiiiick! thanks man for the comment!
your work is awesome, I'm working really hard to get a studio internship for Character Design so thank you for your words!

Sara said...

"So come and buy, friends - bamboo's not just for fingernail shoots anymore." Hahaha - I think this may be the best art advertisement I've heard!

You are wonderful at creating smooth, fluid gestures! Also, your coloring is beautiful.

Khylov said...

Andre;Thanks again. From the look of your work, you've got some nice render skills, and a good eye for flowing lines, as well as graphic shapes. That, plus what you'll pick up at CalArts, will set up well as a illustration soldier for sure. Best of luck this next semester; cheers.

Sara;Thanks much; I've worked on getting my coloring up to par, but for sure I've put in double time on the sales pitch - I think emphasizing that my products aren't meant to torture folks is a pretty good tact. (Then again, my critics would argue otherwise.)

Glad you liked the link I sent, btw. I'm sure May'd be pleased to know she's got a fellow storybook artist as a fan. (*high fives*)

marco's blog said...

these are freaking amazing!! love the nucleus gallery, i'm definitely going to try and make the show!!

Khylov said...

For sure, see if you can stop by on the 25th. The gallery work will be up til the 11th of May I think? In any case, opening night should be pretty fun from what I've heard.

Thanks again for stopping by; cheers.

TH3DEN said...

I'll be on it in a bit :D! hahaha. Check back in 2 days :). Pumped for the gallery?

George kaprielian said...

thanks for the comment, really cool stuff. i especialy like the scenes with the soldiers you put together.

Cool SF stuff, i tried to get into that thing but couldn't. Consider yourself lucky. jk.
Anyways good luck at the show

Khylov said...

TH3DEN;Pumped in the sense of loading the 12 gauge properly. For shooting in the air, of course... for celebration purposes.

Yeah, just hoping all goes well. With the economy being as it is, it'll be a tough sell - folks are strapped for cash, and artwork is a luxury item. So, we'll see...

Cool, I'll check in soon and see what you've got.

George;I was thinking to myself "Why isn't this guy in the show?". I really dug on the action scenes you had, and you've got a really good feel for the SF characters/world - your stuff would sell in no time flat.

But I guess that's where persuasion always help when applying for anything. And by persuasion, I mean a sawed-off 12 gauge loaded with salt rock and buck shot. Works wonders in customer relation issues and/or weddings, btw.

Sah said...

Hey Kyle!
Man! your illo's are amazing! You gonna put that book together for This Comic con!!! Congrats on having stuff at nucleus! Hey you should come by the new and improve 6ph and play some hacky-sac!
This is your calling! Your Golden Destiny!

Khylov said...

Grand Master Sah;
Indeed, good sir; I will visit the Golden Temple soon. My Flash skills and Mantis Kick need exercise once more.

For sure, hope you and Ang can stop by Nucleus before May 11th. I want my teachers to see how their lessons were put to use by their pupil on bamboo canvases.

Le Ansirs said...

these are fresh! man, ill do my best to come check it out!

Khylov said...

Cool, thanks man. I want to be seeing your stuff in a gallery soon, or framed on my wall.

T I T A N said...

hands down some of the coolest art i have ever come across. bookmarked your blog and will be stopping by often to check on the latest awesomeness~


Khylov said...

Cool; coming from a Blade Runner fan, is much appreciated. Cheers.