Sunday, March 29, 2009

~ And again... Take 3 ~

... I'm noticing that the turn around time for me hating anything I draw is becoming shorter and shorter - days instead of weeks or months. I'm not sure if that's a sign of me getting better at drawing or getting worse. Hopefully, I can hone that hatred for my own work within the minutes and seconds range soon enough...

(And here we go with this illo; for the last time hopefully. #1's got the rubbery arms on a quick pass. And I think I finally found a more realistic pose that feels ok in #2. Well.... Nah, I hate it already.)

But on the bright side!... Well, no. Again, tangent issues I had to deal with during drawing - and I'm not sure I got rid of all of them either. Aiyah...

But I at least got some color and artistic nakedness happening in this post, along with my cheating a James Jean ziptone effect in the bg.

Special thanks though to the lovely May for suggesting the lomo effect. I don't think I quite got it here; but having slightly darker edges did help the overall illo a bit.


Lydia Sanchez said...

Awasome scketches!!

TH3DEN said...

:D very nice!!! the girl looks amazing. Are these characters for a book your working on? I think its definitely a sign of improvement, for my case it takes me about 4 months to realize i did something i don't particularly like :D!! hahaha
But don't sweat it too much man, your work is amazing and inspiring!

Mall said...

:3 awwwww.... that's better version than one!!!! it looks very atmospheric yet dramatic! Don't worry, you will learn more alot about lomo effects (and other different styles). Dang, I love all of your incredible sketches!!! <3 (your sketches made me big smile... I wish I could grow my hair, lol. but it's a waste of time and work to comb.... tee hee!)

Khylov said...


Thanks much. Checked out your blog; nice graphic touch to your character designs. Esp. liked the recent Moleskine sketch. You and TH3DEN should hook up.


Thank you too; much appreciated. Story ideas and the like, some of them, yeah; although I think it's always good to have a backlog of characters and ideas, to plug into larger story ideas or themes later on. Whenever inspiration hits (meaning there's nothing to watch on youtube).

And 4 months is probably the time frame for a well adjusted person who's drawing correctly already - whereas I think I'm just becoming obsessive compulsive about perspective issues and the like. Once I catch myself before making the mistake... then maybe it's improvement, heh.

Miss Tsarina Licudine;

Ahhh, and my favorite artist/designer/painter/comic maker; indeed indeed. I'll look forward to having your help in developing lomo effects, as well as how to get that textured paint look to digital pieces that you seem to effortlessly do everytime.

And believe me, I love how you wear your hair. As long as you're May, everything's perfect. <3