Friday, April 24, 2009

~ "Jab, Strong, Fierce..." - at Gallery Nucleus: Opens *Today* ~

That's right folks, swing on by on Saturday at around 7pm if you get the chance. Should prove to be a cool show. Artwork will be up til May 11th I think - so for all you late comers, stuff should still be there for you to relive your past Street Fighter nostalgias and glories.

Eric Caoili over at went above and beyond the call and posted a really kind article on the upcoming show here. Many thanks, Eric. (*salutes*)

Several other blogs and sites have mentioned the show as well, including, Nerd City, Arrested Motion... many others for sure. Danke and thanks to all who've put the word out and been supportive - not to mention folks who've commented here. You all make doing the art/drawing thing worthwhile for me, for sure.


So I should probably post some newer artwork while advertising my wares. Fair enough. A little preview on a sequence I finished up not too long ago:

And (again) a little color something on the WWII sequence I flashed here a few weeks back:


Howard Shum said...

Those are some cool pieces you did for the show. Good luck with it!

Sorrentino said...

Everything is looking mighty nice here!! Let me know how the Nucleus Show goes!! I'm really wanting to be a part of that gallery some how!! Hopefully soon!

TH3DEN said...

Hey Khylov. Awesome panels. I really like the look of it. Are you using prisma colors to sketch these or just a blue pencil? Nice touch on the wwII piece great choice of colors, really shows how tired and exhausted soldiers get.

I'll try to update with more stage by stage of my last post since you requested it :)!

I hope the turnout is great at the gallery, let me know how it goes. :) Good luck again.

Mall said...

:3 check it out <3 <3 <3

Khylov said...

Thanks much. If my illustration ladies have as much visual power as yours, then I'm doing something right.

Danke. And yeah, best thing to do is to stop by personally with a portfolio you can leave there. The more traditional work, the better. If not, their website has info as to how to submit. Just drop them an email and tell them who you are - can never hurt. And I'd be thinkin your stuff would go over well with that crowd.

I'm using blue colerase pencils that I dug up from my last swag grab at Dreamworks.(They were in the process of throwing out a ton of art supplies for whatever reason; all in perfectly good shape. The storeroom clerk was begging us to take what we could before being taken to the bin.)

There's a bit of post production PS work on the saturation levels for clarity purposes, so it's not as if I'm diggin the pencil into the paper to get it this dark.

Glad you liked what's here. I'm hoping the WWII sequence will match up with what I've got here. Thanks again.

Always the one to bring a smile to my face. Danke for this, hon - was a nice surprise to wake up and see something sold. Let's see if the rest sell before the 11th.

Besides, if I'm going to be successful in this industry, I need to match the sales record of one girl in particular. (*cough cough* Selling six paintings in one show... *cough cough*)


Meesimo said...

So much great stuff here!

Khylov said...

Thanks much; you got quite a bit yourself on your pages. Lots o' comics and exaggeration, which is a good combo.