Sunday, April 26, 2009

~ *UPDATE* "Jab Strong Fierce"; Gallery Nucleus and the aftermath ~

Original pieces still available online for a limited time at Gallery Nucleus.

For print requests, make sure to click on the "I WANT THIS PRINT" button on the bottom right of the Gallery Nucleus pages. The more votes, the better - and I'd really dig on if they made prints of my works. Spread the word. Danke, folks!

~ Featured works ~

33.5" x 21"

13" x 18.5"

14" x 14"

18.5" x 13"
*SOLD* (woohoo!)


So to celebrate, here are a few of the workup sketch/color pass pages I messed around with before hitting the actual mats.

Thanks again to everybody who showed up opening night, as well as commentators here. (*high fives in succession*)


roy santua said...


Thanks for visiting my blog. You have an amazing drawing skill and style. I like your work!!!


TH3DEN said...

Awesome dude!! Congrats on the sale! :D Love the work up sketches.

Craig said...

Hey, Thanks for stopping by my blog. I actually just saw your pieces at Nucleus yesterday. They looked was a great show all together as well.

Good to meet you in the ol' blogosphere. Will definitely be keeping an eye out for new stuff man.

Congrats on the Nucleus show as well.


Alex Chao said...

Hey nice job! Glad to see your work is getting sold, much less getting into a gallery!

Ian Abando said...

hey , just recently chanced upon your work . really nice shape language you have going on here !

congrats on the show as well , i was looking forward to going but ended up being out of town


Jesse Fillingham said...

Hey! Thanks for checking out my blog.
I live fairly close to Gallery Nucleus and I'm gonna check out the show. Ill keep an eye out for your work!

Khylov said...

To everybody who commented: Thanks all, mucho gracias, salamat po, danke schön, spasibo, rav todot...

Thanks much. I really dug on your character pieces and render skills. Lots of mech design is always a plus for me...

As always, much thanks yo.

Indeed we formally meet in the Matrix, although Alex pointed me to your blog about a year or so ago, which is where I ran into your brushpen stuff. Very cool.

It is nice to see for sure, but it can't match the sight of fresh spanikopita and mousakka on a hot plate at Athena's ©. If that were my daily paycheck, I'd be bustin out with 3 paintings per day, no joke.

Heheh, yeah, same here - was driving back from the beach. But yeah, the gallery stuff will be up til the 11th. Stop by if you get a chance.

You've got a really good cross section of character dev and scenes on your blog, btw. Nice rendering mixed with good shape choices.

For sure, my paintings would be happy to meet you. Thanks again for stopping by. Will be checking back on your blog soon.

Arthur Fong said...

thanks for the comment on my blog!

Keep up the gestural rhythms in your drawing! And don't think I don't see them 3rd strike characters!

Khylov said...

Indeed, your eyes do not deceive; that be Ibuki and Elena. I was kind of surprised though; I thought every 3rd painting at the show would've been an Ibuki piece, same as the Udon Press book.

But I guess they already did the ninja thing at Nucleus a few years back: link

Thanks again for stopping by. Your character sheets are above and beyond.

Dilanka S said...

wow, you got a very nice style going with your street fighter art. nice gestures as well!

Awesome blog you got here.

Khylov said...

Thanks much; it all taught me that the prelim sketch truly is king. Good foundation first before building the house, etc.

ManuPela said...

Amazing works! :)

Khylov said...

Grazie. You've got some cool stuff too.

ARI said...

wonderful blog and wonderful sketches and illustrations. Nice designs.

l e d o said...

love your designs, beutiful work

Khylov said...

Thanks much; you have a collaboration blog, yes? (Two of you contributing.)

I dug on your moped girl; she looks happy sportin her Vespa moves.

Thanks too. Didn't have a chance to go through all your sites in depth, but there seems to be some musical endeavors goin on. Nice.

I dug on the Ape of Death design the most.

art fan ako said...

I like the actions on your drawings... like they tell a story and makes you curious.

Khylov said...

Maraming salamat po. I've really tried over this last year to get better at shapes, silhouette, and posing - I'm not there yet, but I will eventually if I work hard enough.

And I think just reading has helped with getting ideas for little stories/scenes. (Well, reading comics mostly, but reg. books help too.)

Much thanks, yo.

Angelo Vilar said...

great work, kyle!

work on your tagalog skillz tho and were in bid-nezz

Jarrett said...

Great style!

Khylov said...

Will do, sir. So far I have all the good curses down, but I'm still trying to figure out the best way to translate "Breakfast burrito is your friend" and "Never get a home loan in California". Always loses something in translation.

Then again, maybe I should just stick to memorizing the foods... (Mmmmm; sinigang baboy....)

Thanks much, sir. You've got some really impressive stuff yourself. I like the exaggeration you bring to the faces - good shape choices too.

Duncan Barton said...

just found your blog... GREAT drawings! They express tons of movement and character.

Khylov said...

Thanks much - I get the movement by being impatient and rushing off to the next drawing.

You got yourself a nice looking blog as well. I dig the background motif - I gotta figure out how to do that as well.

Cap'n John said...

I saw the postcard "fliers" at my son's Tae Kwon Do class in Temple City (SK TKD) and we stopped by there last Saturday. I'm glad we made because while some of the pieces looked like my 8 y/old son could have drawn them, I was very impressed by some others, including of course yours.

It wasn't just that you painted onto bamboo mats, but your style was very eye catching and I obviously wasn't the only one who thought so as a couple of your pieces had red "Sold" stickers on them. I'm no critic, but IMO your pieces were definitely among the best at the exhibit. If I really didn't think that, I wouldn't have bothered looking you up, right? ;)

Khylov said...

Much honor sir; thank you. I'm glad the word got around before the show via flyers and whatnot. Thinking on it now, dojos were the ideal target audience for a SF4 show. Dang...

When I was filling out the app forms for the show, they asked us what our artistic goals were for the exhibit. Hmmm? Goals? Uh, to make a cool looking piece of art?... Honestly, I had to really sit and think about that one - finally came up with something about wanting to do these pieces with the Hokusai approach I guess: Basically, alot of floating around of the characters in a forced isometric perspective of some sort...

Don't know if I achieved that or not, but I'm glad that visitors liked the end results. (Definitely helped that the Nucleus folks gave me a really good spot on the exhibit walls.)

Thanks much for taking the time to check out the works in-gallery, and for stopping by here. Much respect; cheers.