Friday, May 16, 2014


These were somewhat throw-away tertiary characters for a set of one-off production illustrations. I like how both turned out, and since they'll probably only show in this mini series of vignettes I went ahead and threw together a montage of the more finished pieces featuring these two. My only regret is that the cigarette holder got cut off in most of the cropped frames.

(Untoned versions, still in the works.)

If you want to see the full sized finished versions, color illustrations, plus much more from a bevy of talented artists, subscribe here.


Micah said...

Great stuff man! I love looking at your work, there's just so much life to it.

Khylov said...

Thanks much; just need to add that element of story to round it all out now.

BluePrint said...

Theses are awesome

Khylov said...

Cool, thanks much.