Friday, May 09, 2014

Friday Sketch Dump, plus Alien Abduction roughs

Series of exploratory roughs. Alternating between the literal and more simplified/pushed versions. Am enjoying the pushed versions more.

And here are some of the alternate versions/compositions of the Alien Abduction pieces from a few weeks ago:
(Cape should be indicating flow of action in the first pic. Perhaps this the very beginning of the burst from the gun and he hasn't had time to settle into the action yet.)
(One thing I ought to be doing at the very beginning, before even drawing the characters or anatomy, is just laying down a series of lines and possible shapes to figure on how the lines of action will compliment one another. As is, feels like the negative space wasn't utilized as much as it could have, as well as the background not really doing much other than reenforcing the upshot in the second piece and indicating "Here is hole in wall" and "Here is where character is in relation to other character" for both. Backgrounds are just as much a character in relation to the others.)

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