Sunday, March 23, 2014

Comic Panel rough passes

Experimenting with both color and word bubbles. Ignore the text. Hopefully putting some of what Mr. Arenas spoke about at last week's CDA workshop to the test.

Have been trying to lay down a greytone pass first before doing color on an overlying multiply layer. Feels a bit too airbrushed. Need to find a simpler method that doesn't require a gang of colors, layers, and time to convey light and shadow.

Some sketches and rough 1st/2nd passes before hitting the above. His arm in the right sketch needs to be bent more at the wrist if he's placing some of his weight on it:

 (I like the top left drawing, and the middle bottom expression.)

(This one felt a bit more finalized. Would treat this as the panels before the above colored strip.)

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