Sunday, March 16, 2014

CDA Workshop: Manu Arenas, notes on comic book illustration

One day workshop featuring Manu Arenas (or Man Arenas, as he's known on the front cover of the first book of the Yaxin series, The Faun Gabriel). Hosted by Concept Design Academy.

(Though Sir Manu would probably prefer spotless whites for the negative space around the characters, I left it fairly dirty since this came out of a physical sketchbook. Besides the drawing of other folks that were in the room, the characters in image are copyright Manu Arenas.)

He had some of his comic images up on the projector while he spoke, which were (loosely on my part) sketched the meanwhile in between taking notes. Condensed the two pages into one, ditched my chicken scratch writing, and typed out whatever notes I thought were relevant. Some PS for color; otherwise (if  Mr. Arenas happens upon this) the linework is Colerase on paper. It physically exists somewhere sir, I can assure you.

Notes here are by no means exhaustive, since this was a 5 hour+ lecture. He covered some art history the first quarter, citing Bruegel and Bosch as influences growing up.

Great artist, good class.

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