Friday, November 18, 2011

~ Surprisingly not dead... ~

...but getting there soon enough. Some vignettes, with color, despite the Cintiq and the 2nd monitor getting all womanish on me and deceiving me eyes with the tones.

First two were from months ago, around the same time I did the daytime vignette studies (below a few posts); spent the past hour doing cleanup on the lines. Yes, they are cleaned up. Still working on how this will end

Next 3 were from this past month. The entire sequence of 20-something panels is actually finished, with the panties playing a vital role near the end. But then again, when do they not.

Last 2 are more recent; still working on the sequence, but I have an idea of where it'll go. Although a decided lack of underwear, a jetpack and a Chthulhu will more than make up for it near the conclusion.


Cap'n John said...

Still loving your style. It's very sidewalk art'ish, as if you're using chalk as your medium.

Khylov said...


Boss at work lent me a whole series of digital brushes they apparently used at Dreamworks at one point. One of them's a nice textured type slanted almost totally on the horizontal, which I think I used for most of these on the color.

Is probably that plus the lack of saturation on the core shadows in the second set of images that makes for the chalk feel. I need to play around with the palette more so that whatever colors I use translate no matter what monitor it's on.

Sauro Quaglia said...

Good sense of direction and great balance between sign and color. Welcome back :)

Khylov said...


Thanks much. Beatboards ended up turning into sequential vignettes. Still difficult to find that one image that describes an entire scene or act.

Roland said...

Amazing boards. So dynamic and so much narrative contained in each one. Like your style too, manga with your own flair. Loved looking through your blog.

Khylov said...


Thanks much; and thanks for the sub.

Octavio E. Rodriguez said...

Diggin it!

Khylov said...

Late reply, I know; but thanks much sir.