Monday, January 03, 2011

~ New Years' Sketch Resolutions... ~

... Resolution - other than to make better scans of my sketchbook - is to actually get better at sketching all around: composition, lighting, human form, etc. To really loosen up, even in the more realistic pieces, if possible. (Looking at the above, I've got some ways to go on that front.)

Claire Wendling's been known to completely redraw a sketch from scratch several times over until the look and feel of the thing catches the balance she's looking for. Good idea... another reason why I shouldn't run off posting anything I've done several months remove, just to look like I'm making progress.

Looking at the first color sketch-up I did of the Wehrmacht characters above (the post before this one, below)... well, was done several months ago. Caca. Hence the redraw above from scratch. As much of an excuse as this is, Cintiq's a pain to draw in; and being on work hours doing these studies doesn't help much. I will say though, looking through this book's helped alot.

Anyhow, more recent stuff from the sketchbook below:


Munchanka said...

Damn, you're getting good. These things are a real thing of beauty. So rarely does a drawing of a gun look like a real thing in space.

Khylov said...

Thanks much man. I had the unfair advantage in seeing both MG's in person a few times, plus building a few of them via model kits for the dad.

Celina Lopez said...

every time I look at your stuff it inspires me to study, draw, study, and draw some more lol. i love your stuff. u still at the studio?

Khylov said...

Thanks Celina. And yup, still at the workplace. And you too pretty soon apparently; saw your name outside Dave's/Adrianna's/Elizabeth's old cube.

ManuPela said...

Every time I come here I'm sure to find cool stuff! :)
Redraw a sketch from the beginning is a really good thing. Usually I do this, but my reason is that I have a "heavy hand"..and I always have to take a new sheet cause my rubber surrenders!

Sauro Quaglia said...

First: Happy New Year (in late guilty).
Always great suggestions in your work.
Go over the same work scares me a bit. I'm afraid of losing immediacy, but in the end it's like to work all night. Go past 2 am, they open the doors of perception ;)

Khylov said...

Hey guys, sorry for not responding sooner; work went into higher gear this week.


Yup, colerase tends to lend towards the heavy hand. At first I hated them because of that - why draw with pencil if it acts like a pen? But then I started noticing that I used them more and more often, because it was forcing me to make those heavier definitive lines, forcing me to decide on shape and design choices - something I still struggle with. Plus, it allows gradations, something that most pens can't do.

Ah, but the world of colerase pencils - you already know all about that. (*high fives*)


Yeah, the immediacy thing, I hear you there. It's something I like to keep as much as possible in my own stuff, and it tends to (for me) get lost the more that I clean it up. I try to keep those odd construction lines in there as much as possible, alot of times inking them in, since they almost act as motion lines (think: speed or vibration lines).

I think the trick though is having shape choices and posing that carries that sense of immediacy and motion. Again, something I struggle with discovering.

And yes, the post-2am time window - works wonders on the imagination. I've discovered this on several travels via driving, airlines, and work overtime.