Monday, July 19, 2010

~ Robots and Germans... ~

Because the two are interchangeable at times. The parts, I mean.

The Armored Core and Front Mission series have been getting some heavy rotation at the house lately. So, naturally, these wind up on my work warm-up sketches...

Was trying to come up with some different approaches to legs and feet, since I tend to use the same balance and shapes in this area. Hard to break out of that while thinking in terms of mechanical functionality at the same time:
Everyone loves robots. Just look:


And a quick something revolving around Stalingrad. Don't know if it'll go past these few panels. I tend to do these as warm-ups to try to get the cinematic blood flowing through the brain:

~ Ende ~


Sauro Quaglia said...

Cool robots.
I like very much the 3 panels!
Greetings :)

Khylov said...

Greetings Sauro. Glad you dig on the robots... or, wait, the Germans - ah, they're all the same thing.

I've got more to the Stalingrad sequence that I did this week. I'll post it next time.