Saturday, April 10, 2010

~ More sketches, robots, regrets, etc... ~

Full color sketch, for whatever reason. As you can see, even with the drawing taking up more than half the page, I ran out of room for the poses. Probably shouldn't worry about that and just draw outside of the frame rather than trying to get everything to "fit"...

I'm finding more and more that Winsor McCay's stuff is working its way into how I'm hitting the color schemes. Which is a good thing, I think. Now if I can actually use intensity properly to bring some kind of balance or focus to the pic...

I think I did these two thumbnails after I finished the color one. Which is pretty basakwards - in hindsight, the poses on these turned out better.

At the chalkboard, figuring out eye biochemistry. Liked how the characters' shape and form came together with fewer lines, although the hand holding the book should look more weighted from holding an object. Again, hindsight is 20/20. (Ha, get it? 20/20? With the... eye biochem... on the... chalkboard... Ah, whatever.)
And finally, the comic sketch page. High quality here, hence the sketchpad ring binding still at the top of the page....

I'm actually kind of happy that dialog is getting a bit easier for me to do - not alot of verbage, and not spending alot of time on scratch writing (typing until I get something I like). The characters are starting to have their own conversations with eachother, so to speak, without a whole lotta me getting in the way. Having a Spielberg movie on in the background helped with that I think.


Mall said...

first comment! (hooray, I win!)

okay okay, like I said, your improvement made me so speechless. I can't believe how fast you improved your skills (color scheme, tones, background, backgrounds, etc.) after you got inspired by McCay and Spielberg! I dig on your improvement. Let us sharpen each other that we will get better and better!

go go go go! and also kekekekeekekekkeke! @ w @ <3

Khylov said...


Indeed you win - both by being the first and by being the best (and also for being an owl apparently). Danke much for being my inspiration in so many ways. <3

ManuPela said...

I'm happy to see always good stuff in here! ;-)
I have to update my blog too, but I'm so busy :(

(Can I ask you something? Do you know some website that sells col-erase also in Italy? I can't find's only for USA, and I'm finishing my stock! If you can help me I will be very happy! Thanks in advance, sorry for disturbing and for writing this under your post!)

Octavio E. Rodriguez said...

Great post!

Khylov said...


Just from a cursory look online, seems like anybody that'd be willing to ship to Italy would be a UK online store. What colors are you looking for? A variety, or only a few specific colors?


Thanks much man. Studio time permitting, I'll post something with guns and robots soon.

ManuPela said...

mmmh..I would like only blue pencils, or green too, not a variety, cause I don't use some light colors for drawing..
I'm searching and searching..! ;__;