Friday, February 19, 2010

~Quick Illustrations... ~

Been bad on the uploading thing, I know.

Small something I did awhile back for a Ron Searle tribute book. (Loosely) based on his artwork for Those Magnificent Men and the Their Flying Machines.


And part of a little something for the Valentine's:


Sara said...

I love both of these! The facial features and expressions on the characters in the first piece are great!

For the second, I just love the composition. The detail to the tree trunks is fantastic and the pose of (big foot?) is wonderful.

Khylov said...

Thanks much Sara. Had some of Searle's work for reference while drawing the first. Felt that definitely helped with pushing the shapes, as well as having a good color pallete to reference. Second one was done after not having drawn for a week or so. Good to know that little breaks (with iced tea and sandwich in hand*) seem to help a little.

*Actually, oatmeal. But I can daydream.

ManuPela said...

The expressions in the first illu are super cool! That, is a happy guy! ;)
I also like the helmet that highlights the chin of the chara, and the colours..
In the second I like the composition and of course the pencil marks!

Khylov said...

Thanks much Manu. Indeed he is - he's Japanese, the perpetually happy and polite peoples of the world. And of course, the other guy's got the helmet - he's German, the perpetually gothic people with sausages and knives craftily hidden in their chins. I simply followed national conventions when drawing this.

...And considering how often we seem to use blue/red pencil in our drawings, Colerase ought to sponsor the both of us. You know, monies or free pencils... (*high fives*)

Mall said...

@ V @ kekekkekekkekekekekkekekekkekekeke.... *Mall rolls "RRRRRRRRrrrrrrr"*


ManuPela said...

eheheh..yup!I love blue colerase!
We should speak about your idea to Mr. Colerase..I'm sure he will be interested and we'll live pencil annuity! >_o

Khylov said...

Miss May Ann Hepburn;

I concur. Malayan owls and siberian tigers seem to have the best ways to express their ideas... via a keyboard and html. And a supermodel.

^@ v @^

=(^ '|_._|' ^)=


Negotiations are under way. Only catch is that we have to actually fell the trees ourselves (axes, saws, etc) before they can make the pencils. I asked how this was a sponsorship, but they simply handed me an axe, flannel shirt, and some pancakes, and pushed me out into the forest. (I asked for syrup, but they said that pine trees have plenty of sap. Haven't quite discovered what they mean by that just yet...)