Sunday, December 06, 2009

~ Sketches, various and sundry... ~

So, that backlog of sketches I keep talking about - figured it was time to scan some of them for the sake of not looking like a liar.

...And yes, still hating sci-fi. Some random idea pages:

This one's from about a year or more ago. I like how some of the faces turned out (I think I approach facial construction a little differently now), as well as the patterning on some of the clothing. Not liking the fish oil stain that somehow got onto the middle of the paper. Must've been an awesome dinner.


Saw some guys hanging out behind the grocery store having a Colt 45 picnic. I like the contrast between the foreground scenario and the cars/freeway in the background, not so much how I drew it (I could've made it clearer) but because for me, is kind of a sign of the times for this country at the moment. Eat your heart out, Dorothea Lange. Drawn from memory.

Some License Plate/ State Union workers having a conversation over a smoke break:

Random watermaid:

Even more random sequential. Probably was a warm-up for something else:

Some Ayin character studies. I try not to use reference when drawing these, so these are (hopefully) several years worth of lifedrawing sessions paying off:

Still don't think I've codified her look completely. Getting there though:

Like how this one turned out; will probably do a color pass on this soon. Loosely modeled the background after the boardwalk/movie theater plaza in Century City. I'm sure the straps on her gun holster aren't correct, but that's what happens when you don't have proper reference for weaponry.


Cap'n John said...

From a concealed carry PoV you would never see a waist belt or diagonal strap across the torso, but as Ayin is wearing the shoulder holster openly (& not concealed under a jacket) the position & arrangement of the straps is not really an issue.

However, for tactical reasons, being right-handed Ayin should be wearing the shoulder holster under her left arm in a crossdraw configuration. Attempting a strong side draw with the holster seated that high under her right arm would be a very awkward, time-consuming affair, especially when seconds count. If you mime drawing a pistol holstered that high up on your own waist you'll be able to see what I mean. It might look good on paper (& it does :) but tactically it's not very sound.

ManuPela said...

wow! Gooood job!
I really like the pic nic, you've cared much detail and you did a very comprehensive study of the scene.
I also like the third, people looks very natural.
You have a soft stretch that I adore..yeah, I'm telling you this all the time..;)
Come oooon..I wanna seee mooooreeeee wooorkkkkssss!

Khylov said...


Thanks for the word on that. For sure, the positioning was purely for aesthetic reasons - if on the other side, the holster would've been not visible; needed the gun in the foreground to break some of the lines and shapes, etc.

Interestingly enough, read something recently about natural arm positioning when having a handgun at the ready. Conclusion was the the atypical hollywood "Bladerunner" pose of bent arms holding gun upwards is tactically inefficient in comparision to arms straight and downwards at the ready. Guess that'll limit my pose choices for Ayin in the future.


Thanks much for the kind commentary, as always. Glad you like the cross section of stuff and the approach. I just recently received the Art of Ponyo as a b-day gift, so that'll hopefully increase my soft stretch for character designs.

And yes ma'am, will keep up with the artwork updates here. *salutes*

ManuPela said...

It was your birthday?...Happy birthday! (on late!)^^
I saw that artbook, I really like Miyazaki,it's amazing.
For christmas I'm searching "the art of bee movie" but it's difficult to find it! :( When I ask for it people say " what?..Who?..When? "..I think (hope) I'm gonna buy it on internet!

Khylov said...

Ah, thanks much. Birthday has yet to happen actually (near Christmas), but I got my gifts early.

And yup, it is a nice book. The pre-production sketches were what I was looking for, and there are some nice ones in there.

You've probably found this link already, but here's the first thing I found on the Art of Bee Movie. Seems like it has a link to Amazon on the page; although now that I think of it, I'm not sure if they allow online orders from outside the country. Let me know how that works out. Cheers.

Khylov said...

...Actually, also found this. Seems like they have much of the book on their flickr account; pretty decently sized res pics too. (Not scans, unfortunately.)

ManuPela said...

Thaaanks a lot Khylov!! :D
The 2 link is pretty good!

Khylov said...

Cool, glad you liked.