Sunday, December 13, 2009

~ Bamboo Art... ~

~ Mille Migliocto ~

Baby's got a new set of Cthulhu wheels. (Chthulhu; Chthulu... however you spell it's name.)

Did this one as a bday present for Mr. Tokunaga. Color treatment partly inspired by Robert Williams (part of the Ratfink/Big Daddy Roth crowd).


~ Viking Fraulein ~

Did this one quite awhile back actually. Has been hanging on the wall waiting to be scanned.

She's enjoying the ocean air, musing over what hair color her future children will have (blond, dirty blond, bleach blond).... and, awaiting patiently to pillage and burn English shorelines.

Alot of inspiration from the Oseberg Ship: The creature on the upper right was loosely based on the prow figurehead , the background patterns were inspired by carvings on the bow.


Both of these bamboo mats needed surprisingly little color correction after scanning. I'm either getting better at analog coloring - or my computer updated it's monitor settings without me knowing.


(BTW, here's a cool looking picture of ancient Russians. Is either a Viking funeral or a lamentation over Minnesota losing yet another Super Bowl. The latter seems more likely.)


ManuPela said...

WOOOOOOO!!! Viking Fraulein..she's AWESOME!
I think this is my favourite! 0_0
Thanks for the links, we appreciate! :D
Let's spread the word! ^^

RAWLS said...

Fantastic work here my friend!!!

Khylov said...


Glad you liked; I have a couple of preliminary sketches of her somewhere in my blog archives.

And no prob; here's to the business doing well. Cheers.


Thanks much. Seen you around on Hwang's blog; glad you stopped by.

Mall said...

<3 <3 <3

Khylov said...

See, I figure it's worth posting on the blog regularly if it keeps attracting supermodels to leave comments.


Kyri Kyprianou said...

Hi Khylov, love the bamboo art! Great stuff. It's always fun to illustrate on materials other than paper. Thanks for the comments on my blog also!

Khylov said...


Thanks much for stopping by and the compliments.

Really dig on your character icon above. Was hoping I could wrangle you into commenting here eventually so as to have it added in the comments collection. (Kind of like Pokemon for me - you know, "gotta collect them all"; however it goes, etc.)

Thanks much again.

Josh (musarter) said...

This bamboo art is awesome. I always enjoy anything related to the Chthulu.

Khylov said...

Thanks much Josh.

For me, it's the memories of calamari w/ Korean BBQ that brings me back to the Chthulu theme.