Sunday, August 09, 2009

~ Artwork on the Sly... ~

...Because I'm literally writing this while the car's parked and idling near a streetlamp.

Some color once again:

Alternate/original take with the trio in the bg. I think the head honcho's design in this one is a little closer to what I originally intended, although I liked how the other two turned out in the retake (color).

...Very first take, w/ DNA and notes.

And I realized that the lady-characters-with-whistling-mouth was pretty popular last few posts - so here's a page with other mouth shapes:

And of course, boy meets girl. Or... wait... Chernobyl employee meets chimeric supermodel.... Something like that.

And because I got permission to post this, courtesy of Miss May Ann: A lovely Ainu couple (and their Siberian tiger/butler) :

(Remember guys, a drawing for the lady's always a good idea. Better than roses even.)

(Well, maybe on-par with roses...)


Sara said...

What gorgeous, gorgeous colors! They seem to glow on the page...

Red White said...

You always have such great stuff. Been wanting to post a reply but theres so much going on in each post that I sometimes don't feel like I'd be able to comment on it all. But I wanted to let you know that I've been enjoying it dude! Keep it up.

Munchanka said...

A little furry-ish, isn't it, Kyle? ;)

Alina Chau said...

These pages are awesome!!

Khylov said...


Thanks much. The coloring is due mostly to Photoshop, although the glowing is partly due to Chernobyl fallout.


Thanks; I try to narrow things down to the two or three pages that I like out of a whole week's worth of throwaways. I've thought about trimming down the posts, too - but I generally like seeing lots of stuff per page; kind of like a Where's Waldo for sketchbooks.


Only furry in special sections, much like French supermodels and Abraham Lincoln.


Hey there; thanks again for stopping by. I need to stop by your page and see what else you've been up to in the Moleskine.

Alex Chao said...

Looking good as per usual!!

Glad to see you're still goin' at it, not that I assumed that you ever stopped.

Khylov said...

Thanks man. Although I've had my bouts with post-Athena hunger pangs, which hasn't helped my drawing motivation any. Other than mousakka and dolmothes withdrawal, I'm doin good.

Caro said...

WOW all your work is truly amazing!!! I'm a fan! :D

Khylov said...

Thanks much, and thanks for subscribing. Much appreciated.

Red White said...

Hey dude, didn't see an e-mail address to you so I figured I'd share with ya here. Remember that pic you commented on in my blog? Let me know what you think about the finished product dude! Would love to get feedback on that one.

Fawn said...


I just went to SF for the weekend and met up with Noel:) It gave me a flashback to summer of '07 and it's been a long time since we last saw each other dudddddeeee. How's it going??

Khylov said...

Red White;

Will do as soon as I have a chance today.


Hey you; been passing information between you two again, have you? Well, as you know, our insider at the Emeryville plant has been gathering info there for the past few months. Is a dangerous assignment, but she volunteered to go behind enemy lines - quite readily, I noticed. If she passed you a briefcase with documents inside, don't be alarmed - it's all according to plan.

I'll give you more details over a secure server - your blog.

- end communique -

Mall said...

first paragraph: *BING*

second paragraph: *BINGGER*

third paragraph: *BINGGEST X 100 plus Cinnabon rolls* <333

=( ^__________________^ )=

Khylov said...

Otherwise known as the Bing Factor, taking into account the Cinnabon Mathematical Curve. <3

Bob said...

I really like these designs!

Khylov said...

Hey you; thanks man. I've been really trying to focus in on my shapes and clarity.

And, ah, see; I figured you, Fawn, and Noel were all part of that briefcase-passing conspiracy I mentioned earlier. I think we're all going to have to meet up at a Thai restaurant in the area - time permitting - so as to exchange information.