Saturday, June 13, 2009

~ Short Sequence... ~

...Which I actually finished this time. Well, sort of. (See end.)

This should've had some kind of dramatic name attached to it, kind of like those chapter headings in graphic novels. You know, something like "Death Dance" or some such. (Other hit titles include: "Waltz Between Worlds", "Grim Creeper", "Slowly The Shadow", and "Super Happy Funland Awaits IV: The Reckoning".)

Wouldn't you be embarrassed if you just defeated Death with a mystical butter knife?

Anyhow, I think I could've put more emphasis on the Death Agent being invisible/incorporeal to everybody else besides the main character. More shots with him floating through people unawares? Hmm, nah; probably just more clarity in the shots I have already.

Some panels that didn't make the cut.

An idea that hit me later: I should've had her stall by digging for change for a homeless guy, right before she does the turn-around-with-knife thing. Then I could've had the bum at the head of the crowd while they're gawking at her, with him toothing "She's crazy!" (all while peeing his pants).


On a side note, I found this picture online while searching for something else:
Pretty sure that's Ant Ward, Justin Wright, and Sam Marin (CalArts character animation folks). Kind of cool how even 3/4 back view can still make for distinctive character profiles.


Dam Ferreira said...

Very good your designs
I like your style
simply very beautiful


ManuPela said...

Veeeery good! I really like your pencils..they are so dynamics! ;)

Khylov said...

Thanks both; I held off on posting these for the past few weeks to see if it still held up. Even now I'm catching mistakes or shapes that could've been pushed more.

Alina Chau said...

WOW!! AWESOME panels!!

Khylov said...

Thanks much, Alina. I'm only following in the footsteps of your Moleskine comics. (I'll eventually do sequences in color, trust me.)

Fabian said...

Hey Khylov, its been a while since i've been here, i have no internet for about 3 months now, hope to get it soon again. I just discover all these new art you upload and is so amazing, i am like crazy right now going through your blog, watching and reading and enjoying. :) And as always... perfect!!!
Have an amazing week!

Khylov said...

Right on, thanks much Fabian; glad you enjoyed what's here.

Heh, yeah, I hear you on the "digging through a blog" thing. It's been something that's bugged me for awhile: Should I post often, or occasionally. If it's a bunch, it can overwhelm (and then there's the question of discriminating between decent sketches and just posting anything). But then again, I like seeing blogs updated regularly and not neglected - which I'm pretty bad at most times.

Well, either way, drawing is more than likely an obsessive/compulsive complex - which means regular updating will continue here.

TH3DEN said...

Hey man! These are great panels, the pacing and the shots are perfect. The pictures read so clearly even without words, which i find is missing from mainstream comics nowadays. Everything is bright and flashy but something is lost. Great job man. Have you read Pigtail from Ovi Nedelcu? Its an amazingly short but sweet ride, if you can find it make sure to check it out. Looking forward to more. :D

Khylov said...

Thanks TH3DEN. Even looking at this now, I can see where I'd want to go back and add a few things, like a held closeup of the blade afterwards. (If this were film, that blade would've passed by the camera in a split second the first time it was shown, the only closeup it enjoyed.)

I'm glad though that things are reading visually ok and that the pacing seems to work. Some stuff was cut, so I'm glad that seems to have been the right move. That's definitely one of my pet peeves for sure in comics: Overly slick presentation or overdone action sequencing where it's all rushed, with no pacing or room to breathe timing-wise. Is like a song with a perpetual cymbal crash at full volume rather than up-and-down crescendos. I find that dialog and acting scenes in comic form are the hardest to pull off with this concept in mind.

Thanks much for the Nedelcu suggestion; I'll make sure to have that be a treasure hunt for later this week. Cheers.

Red White said...

Dang dude, nice stuff. It blows my mind that folk like you and TH3DEN found my little knook. How does this stuff happen? Either way, I'm grateful because it opens me up to see more awesome stuff.

Anonymous said...

Nice pacing.

Dude, I missed Justin.

Khylov said...

Red White;

Thanks much. It just takes extra time on the weekends to find the nooks, normally through someone's blog rollcall.


Hey, thanks man. I'm diggin on the comic pages you've been working on. I'm really curious to see what the story is.

..And yeah, so do I. I heard a Dave Matthews song playing in the background at the grocery store the other day, and I could see him showing us clips of Gears of War on youtube, talking about how awesome the graphics looked. I've actually had a couple of dreams where all of you guys are playing Halo in the Palace.