Sunday, June 21, 2009

~ Between Drawing and Revolution ~

...Been late in uploading anything this weekend due to being glued to the TV - and no, it wasn't because of the Bill Murray Marathon they had going on AMC (although I flipped over to it a few times - Caddyshack is a good counterpoint to the news).

Watched most of what's been going on in Iran, flipping between CNN and Fox. Even stayed up to listen to McDonald's co-founder and Baby Milk Factory advocate Ali Khamenei give his speech, with the crowd doing a pretty decent job catching their cues to yell "Death to [insert name here]... Death to [insert nationality here] !"

Speech was long, and I only caught the last half hour. Stayed up and took notes:

...Illegible notes. And equally illegible sketches.


And yes, I did the Ayin sketches during the speech as well. I didn't consciously draw her "rushing-forward-with-knife" in relation to the Ayatollah giving his spiel. (*cough*):

(I wasn't really happy with this pose of hers in the last sequence, hence the redraw - and I'm not sure I'm really satisfied with this sketch either - and I'm starting to sound like a broken record in these blog posts of mine. I promise, I'll post better sketches with less whining next time.)


Speaking of revolution: Since I'm just about done with a several-page prologue to a story idea revolving around a Russian Revolution, here's a preview panel:

Since I suck at drawing historical details accurately, it's an alternate universe deal revolving around a future Revolution in the Holy Empire of Tsarist Russia. Either that, or it's my lame attempt at making a comic that falls somewhere between August 1914 and Big Trouble in Little China.

Given that parallel, it will have plenty of historic and spiritual motifs. More important will be the huge free-for-all shootouts, running through dark tunnels, freeing prisoners, blind old wizards in catacombs. And wildlife - with four legs and wings. That are as tall as a water tower.

Did I mention that it has wings?...



ManuPela said...

I really like the Ayatollah sketch! :)

Khylov said...

I do too - I think he looks like Feivel from An American Tail - which is ironic, since that character's Jewish.

ManuPela said...

yeah,you've found a good graphic solution for this character!