Saturday, March 14, 2009

~ Sketch Dump ~

...or more like sketch constipation, since I haven't really dumped anything on here in awhile. But all hail Photoshop, which has decided to work again - and the scanner, which has always been a little trooper.

Ok, onto the sketches. Some randomage, some story ideas. A few are older pieces that I liked anyhow:

(These aren't them, however. From last week I think.)
-Some fantasy samurais. And a white ninja bookin' out of a castle with a TV under his arm. Because I like historical accuracy.

-Oh, pesky female ninja... If Lucha Libre has taught me anything, it's that lady ninjas don't like to sneak so much as they like to do backflips at (*a-hem*) revealing angles in relation to the viewer. Never the (male) artist's fault, of course; he has no choice. Laws of Physics and all...

-Only thing that's missing are the Sun Chips...

-Ballpoint pen on this one. Did this while watching a documentary on an Australian pilot, Valentich, who apparently disappeared on a routine flight to Tasmania. Read more here.

-I like the second one better. Not coincidentally, it was the later sketch of the two. And yes, I have been reading Asterix. In Old Norse. (En kvæðin þykkja mér sízt or stað fœrðehurdygurdy waffles...)

-Some after-studies from the Krupa Troopa piece.

-Part of an idea page. Didn't everybody play with Nerf bats and paper ninja stars when they were in grade school?

-Kind of a treatment for a story idea. I like doing these kind of pages: They help w/ creating story points and w/ the pacing during certain moments, all in a condensed format (meaning that this isn't like committing to a finished comic page, nor does it have to be sequential in a storyboard sense). Plus, procrastination and all...

Colerase, post-it notes, copy paper, etc.



TH3DEN said...

i love your work, so much raw energy! :D

Khylov said...

Thanks for stopping by; much appreciated. I take my cues from cute floating female characters for sure. Probably some of the energy too.

Anonymous said...

You can never go wrong with samurai and backflipping female ninjas.

Le Ansirs said...

pimp stuff and a large body of work as usual. whats new nowadays?

Khylov said...


Indeed. I need to get onto the female ninja acrobatics thing though - none in the portfolio so far.


Ah, I must've had the cool radar up; I jumped online as soon as you left that comment. How are things going?