Monday, January 12, 2009

Anatomy of a Gun Show...

...Otherwise known as an ethnological study of the American Caucasian and their NRA Tribe.

Some sketches of the Ventura Gun Show (plus knives, swords, sharp sticks, pocket watches, coin monies, jewelry, car parts, old porn, French postcards, etc).

Drawn from memory, so I don't know how accurate these are. Either way, alot of strange little old white men running around, as well as the other usual cast of characters: Greasy bikers, Bardahl rednecks, and most any other subdivision of the Linkhorn gene that can be gathered under one roof without bursting into flames. Was like something out of a Coen Bros. casting call:

...And surprisingly, quite a few other faces too: Local vatos, Latino papas with family in tow, helmet hair Emo kids (w/ iPod), Pilipino wives, Korean vendors, and some well dressed African Americans looking over the finer rifle selections.

I'll draw these some other time. For now, enjoy this awkward slice of the American pie.


samacleod said...

These are awesome man. Love your drawings.

Octavio E. Rodriguez said...

These are great!

David Juel said...

Hi Khylov,
These are good - I went to my first gun show this year too. I loved the hobby perspective. Most of the old guns will never be fired again - too dangerous. My take: A small slice of antique show with a twist. No one had any of the new sci-fi guns that I was hoping to see.

Funny: I purchased some old coins, and they almost did not sell them to me because I couldn't prove that I was a gunshow member - "but these are coins!!!"

Khylov said...

Steve, Octavio, David;

Thanks everybody. Well, since last time I was held captive by firearms, I was held captive this time around by malicious coding via Microsoft for a few weeks. I'll take better care of my laptop in the future, I promise.

And David: I sympathize. I was frequenting more the old money stands than the rifle peddlers - and picked up quite a few oversized pre-rev rubles and Deutschmarks in the process. No hassles though; they were practically giving those German monies away by the wheel barrow - the guys were throwing stacks of them around, stapling them to folks' backs, stuffing them down rifle barrels and peppering whoever walked by with a face full of over-inflated currency from an inept bureaucratic gov't....

Oh, wait a minute... that was at the bank this morning. I guess history does repeat, huh.

Josh (musarter) said...

Sounds like a great place to visit just to people. If it is that great out there I imagine I would be blown away, not literally, by the quality of people watching a Georgia Gun Show would offer.

The sketches are great and have a lot of character. I also enjoyed the quality of the previous post. Awesome stuff.

pablo pablo said...

Very good sketches!

Alina Chau said...

COOLIO drawings!!

Khylov said...


Thanks, yo. And yes, the quality of people watching goes up exponentially the further one gets into the South. I think Cali has that unusual tension of having rednecks alongside the melting pot that is California.

...As an example: One of the tables outside had a white trashy looking biker guy - long greasy blond hair and beard, leather jacket, sun glasses, and peddling among other things KKK memorabilia - and there he was talking to a Mexican dude w/ a really thick accent and in full chollo swing (long baggy shirt and pants, shaved head, 6 o'clock goatee)... And both were talking about - and agreeing on - eachothers' politics, the current rise in gun and ammo sales since Obama took office, etc.

You can't make that kind of thing up - that's what real life has to offer. Strange, huh?

Pablo; Alina;

Thanks both; much appreciated. I'm just glad that I can make white underbelly characters appealing.

Gulzar said...

Nice work! The lines are so loose and it flows so well :)

Nice work! Hitting back in your blog!

Ps- I'm not a spammer :P


Joseph Lee said...

So much life to the sketches! Great!

Howard Shum said...

Nice sketches!

robi pena said...

Hey Khylov!!
Superbe blog and amazing works my friend!!! Wow, congratulations, love your drawings!!!
Cheers and thank you for stopping by!!

Khylov said...


Not a prob - so long as there aren't several thousand embedded hyperlinks to Nike Shoes or the like, I'm pretty sure most comments are made by human beings. That being said, much thanks for your comments. Cheers.


Thanks, much appreciated. I'm trying to move these sketches from the "slice of life" thing into more of the "poundcake of life". I figure there's more life and taste per sketch that way.

The apogee of all this would be the cornbread phase.

Damn it, now I'm hungry...


Thanks yo. More to come soon.


Thanks again for your stopping by as well. Really dug your illustration work. Die Schweiz is one of the places on the EU map tat I want to visit sometime soon. Be back to check your page soon. Cheers.