Friday, October 31, 2008

Full Cult Press... (Proverbial Halloween Illustrations)

Hmm, colerase and ink. I'll get around to coloring it later.

Was talking with Noel about the benefits of being a ghost. Naturally, the conversation turned towards basketball... Her idea was us as members of the undead Harlem Globetrotters vs. zombies. My thoughts were along the lines of the classic Gene Hackman ode to underdog college b-ball...

And hence (once again): Boosiers.

(The name works on two levels: ghosts playing basketball - and the drunken assistant coach played by Dennis Hopper - the only actor slightly below Christopher Walken on the "he's about to snap" scale.)

And a random sketch from a few years ago, with a quick paintjob from a few minutes ago. Special thanks to the wonderful and ever-talented May Ann for providing the inspiration for this one ("Cucurbitophobia").


Fabian said...

Basketball Would finally caught my interest if it was played by ghosts and zombies
Cool and fun! Have a great weekend!

Khylov said...


I'm still waiting for basketball to catch my interest as well. As is, the only thing memorable in my mind was the UCLA/Cal upset last March, when the final last-second point breaker was an unnatural shot behind the backboard, with nothing but net... It might as well have been a ghost landing that ball through the hoop - hence this picture.

And I still insist that I don't watch basketball. Honestly.

Thanks again for the kind words - great week to you too.

Aaron said...

Yes zombies and ghost do make an interesting game of basketball. But with all this supernatural ability how would one mediate such an enterprise? This piece is interesting to the point where it makes me ask questions, I like it!

Thanks for your insight on my Harriet Tubman piece.

Rodrigo Martin Campo said...

great blog!!! i love your style, is very interesting!!

Alina Chau said...

COOL GHost basketball game ... but it's not quite fair for the zombies though ... they can't fly can they ... so in a way, the ghosts get some advantage ... Humm ... May be I should support the ghost team, I think they have a higher chance to win ... and love the pumpkin!!

Sooo ... who do you support? UCLA or CAL?

Khylov said...


Thanks again - and you've got a really cool atmospheric piece with the Harriet Tubman painting, so hats off to you sir.

As far as the ghost thing: I figured it would be a topic that would come up at some point: How the hell are ghosts vs. zombies in *anything* - much less basketball - fair in any respect?

Well, I could appeal to Noel's original idea, which would have the ghosts being the afterlife's version of the Harlem Globetrotters - invincible and always with the upper hand (or whatever ghosts have as a hand equivalent). Granted, the theme song everytime they do a trick layup wouldn't be as cool as the Globetrotters - unless it were some kind of Jimmy Smith-meets-Bernard Hermann hammond organ bit.

Since you and Alina pondered on this same question - which has plagued humanity since the invention of cemetaries and basketball - I'll kill two birds with one stone here and answer the question (really, I will) in a moment...


Muchos gracias; very much appreciated. I really dug on the anti-smoking add you have on your blog.


Ah, you and your mechanical brain power (plus caffeine), focusing on the questions that need to be asked - which in this case, concerns the fundamental physics and moral responsibilities that play out during a ghost/zombie b-ball gig.

How can it be fair? Simple - the basketball court is a huge monster. Check out the backboard - if we follow this little bit of evidence, then we must deduce that the whole arena must be a sentient creature... and happens to be the all-seeing referee. So, any foul, any traveling, any double dipping or foreplay, and the offender - whether corporeal or otherwise - is swallowed and spit/launched out of the building (you don't want to know how, trust me...) by this behemot court beast.

I originally wanted to make the court more like a haunted mansion, but I kind of ran out of room for props and whatnot while adding the characters.

UCLA? Berkeley? (Her robot brain continues to inquire for the truth.) Haha, aw c'mon, you're putting me on the spot here.

Hmm, I spent alot of time at UCLA when I was younger... but the Berkeley area had the better pizzerias - with jazz bands playing. So, is a tough call...

Let's put it this way: Which campus is closest to mountains of udon and dimsum? That's the crucial tie-breaker right there.

Sorrentino said...

Zombie basketball!! CLASSIC!! Guess you have to go easy on them or they might lose a limb!

Cello said...

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TORI CAT said...

Awesome work dude!!
Found your blog in the street fighter tribute!!
so inspiring :D

Khylov said...

Thanks all; much appreciated.


Something I didn't think about until you mentioned it is that I have the ghosts fouling physically-based zombies.

Well, physics was never my strong suit.

Tori Cat;

Thanks. I was wondering how far the Udon book was being distributed - to Europe, apparently. And I'm quite stoked on that. Cheers.