Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Sketches, sketches, sketches...

And some finished pieces. Enjoy.


(Some quick Tablet PC work. Started with a fat brush for the undersketch gesture, then went in with finer point. They's look worried.)

(Sah and Angelo from Six Point Harness. Fun folks to work with, and skilled at what they do.)

(Based on a true story. For some reason, skaters like to hang out at the back alley bridge near Kinkos. Go figure. Leave it to pitching and nature to learn em something awful.)

(Various sketches.)

(Gee, what movie was I watching while drawing? Hmmm.... This isn't sequential, btw. Terrorists and Nakatomi Building not included.)

(Address: 242666 Ry'leh St, Abyssal Depth, Pacific Trench.)

(And to cap it off, a little comp page I did awhile back. The 3 Wise Men at the office, looking over their ranks. Blah blah...)
Post-it Notes, note paper, sketchpad, Colerase, Microns, PS CS. Blah, basically everything but paint.


Munchanka said...

Yeah, I saw Zardoz for the first time last night and, wow. Sooo terrible. And yet strangely enticing. Have you seen the Green Knight? I hear it's another Connery classic.
What are your polished comic pages for? An indy graphic novel, mayhaps? And how many languages do you know??

Kyle Shockley said...


I've been fluent in Hebonics for a little while now. (Hebrew + Ebonics; "Shabbat shalom", suckah, etc.)

An Indy graphic novel? As in Jones?.. Oh wait, "independent"... ok. Hmm, well... soon as the cashflow and not being overly self-conscious about mistakes takes hold... then yeah, it'll happen. As soon as the floating granite head that spits up carbines tells me what to do next...