Monday, August 13, 2007

That's right..... a flying car.

Although millions of dollars have been spent in developing something like this for the private sector (and I'm not exaggerating here; some professor at a U.S. Uni has been working on the Jetson wagon for over 20 years), and in theory a flying car sounds like a great idea.... Think about it: Driving now on a fixed horizontal axis is dangerous enough. Imagine if you give Americans the additional option of pitch, yaw, and Z coordinates.

Add on top of that the additional balast of SoCal drivers and cell phones.

Nah, I didn't think it a good idea either. Nonetheless, it makes for great illustration possibilities.

PS CS, Tablet PC, and some sketchy lines added for good measure. (Take that, Art Center.)

Farfegnugen, comrades.


cogwurx said...

But I still want my flying car!

Anonymous said...

Sweet drawing dude.

Kyle Shockley said...


That's what recycling is all for: To build sweet flying cars with. What, you thought it was for environmental reasons?


Yeah, I'm still trying to maintain that sweet factor in the drawings. Is tough though when everything else in life seems to have a bitter taste to it.... like olive oil. Or Balsamic vinegar.... Actually, those aren't bad flavors. Especially on pasta. Or on sandwiches, come to think of it. ...