Sunday, July 22, 2007

Older piece from a few years ago. For a book project which I'm not quite sure what happened to; just sort of disappeared (That seems to have been the theme for alot of things in 2005; at least for me anyhow).

Graphite on copy paper, PS CS, and a little motion blur filter. Yeah, better than lens flare, I'll tell ya that.

I'll update with more recent Tablet PC art next time, I swear.... (Huh, that almost sounds like a threat.)


Balkandude said...

Great illustration stile man!

Mall said...

A-ha! you finally posted your drawings, bro!!! Da, da, da, da.... ^____^

Khylov said...

Thanks for the comments and visiting. Looking forward to talking with you more.

Aye comrade, I wanted to keep in touch with some of the folks I used to work with.. and maybe show off my Tablet PC's powers a little. But, don't worry; I'll still save the best illustrations for my editor. (Yup, she's talented, smart, and always has good suggestions and advice. I trust her with only the best. ^__^ )

MANDREWS said...

Awesome man. Im glad you got your blog up and running. Good stuff. Sorry about mine I don't know what happened. It was there a minute ago then vanished. I'll figure it out.

Nice to hear from you.

Mandrews out!

cogwurx said...

Miss ya on DA. Glad to see that you work is somewhere online. I miss see it.

Khylov said...

(Khylov is now coherent enough to respond to human beings once more.... via the comment section of my almost-anonymous blog):


Hey man; good to hear from you. No worries; I cursed at my laptop a bit, which seemed to have solved the problem of viewing your page properly. (See, yelling does solve problems.... with computers.)


Good to hear from ya again buddy. Agreed; glad that I'm somewhere online too; it's warm and toasty here. Can't find a good drink round these parts, though. Might have something to do with water not mixing well with fibre optic cables...