Friday, September 11, 2020

Animation Hellhole Memories Part 4.3

Another set of studies for night scenes revolving around the old Animation Hellhole courtyard over at Allan Hancock College. Full image below.

Not much to say here other than I wanted to get a better feel for how the scene would look at night, so one obvious method was to include the skyline along with some major silhouettes like distant trees or the roofline of the building.

[Some exploratory sketches I did around the same time. Most of these are pencil undersketches with ink on top, but a a couple are just loose pen. Lined Moleskine notebooks are a good mental escape from "finished piece mentality" and are more of a launching point for ideas and further drawings.]

[Only when I see these sketches in thumbnail form do I start to realize how much further I need to go with pushing shape choices. Maybe the inking or the smaller format is limiting my decisions or just reinforcing my bad habits? (One reason I've stayed away from Inktober.) I keep telling myself that these notebooks are to just mess around and that nobody is going to see them, and yet here we are. I need to benchmark myself somehow though, and like I said once I see my drawings like this it gives a good overview on how I'm approaching shapes or poses.]

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