Saturday, September 01, 2018

Animation Hellhole and CalArts Memories, WIPs

Series of recent unfinished sketches revolving around memories of both the pre-internet days of the Animation Hellhole at Allan Hancock College (panel 1), and the later post-internet days at Apartment 131 across the street from CalArts (panel 2).

As you can see, a majority of the time in both situations revolved around carefully researching the emerging world of interactive software.

(The second set of panels below are mostly based on the Hellhole days:)
The actual animation hellhole was literally a renovated janitor's closet inside the Arts Department at Hancock. It still had a working sink and some leftover mops, but it was also stuffed with state of the art second hand animation gear, both digital (two pieced together PCs, security cameras, a VCR) and traditional (an animation disc with several 80W bulbs cooking overhead and underneath).

One notable exception to the historical accuracy of these pics is the super model time traveler featured in the last frame, but otherwise I tried to keep it faithful to the crew, situations, and atmosphere of the time: Endless days of drawing, shooting animation or the sh*t, running off to Chopstix for cheap Chinese food (a miracle for the Santa Maria/Orcutt area in the early 2000's), digging around Gamestop or Blockbuster for Playstation games, endless nights playing Worms: Armageddon or Puzzle Fighter, planning our next trip to San Luis to either get art supplies at Law's Hobby or whatever art books and comics they had at Captain Nemo's.

Again, keep in mind that for most of us it was pre-internet, pre-Amazon, pre-smart or even cell phone. You got by with what you could find and took it all in with the company of friends.


Brandon said...

I totally recognized chopstix pic, Hudson's grill and that breakfast place in old orcutt was another dinner run! Jaws and Oh brother dvd marathon

Khylov said...

Man, you've the better memory than me; I don't even remember hitting Hudson's with the animation crew. But yeah, Jack's in Orcutt, massive burgers and omelets. Place had a fire several years ago so the whole interior's changed. But besides Chopstix I honestly only remember us ever hitting Francisco's in AG and Golden China in San Luis. And that other Chinese place in Grover, where Julio was saying those ladies behind us freaked out as soon as one of us mentioned "Harkonnen." And yup, the movie marathons.

Brandon said...

Oh man I totally forgot Golden China buffet in slo! So gooooooood! And Ming China with Julio!!