Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Posted this over at the Instagram account already: Complete revision of an ancient piece back from the CalArts days, 2005 or so. If you look closely you can see the original image in the background. I think I may have even used it for my portfolio submissions that landed me one of my first studio jobs at the time.

(Yes, an actual physical portfolio. 30 to 45 page booklets, with clear insert sleeves, badly printed images courtesy of Kinko's, and a grand total of 30 seconds spent by companies flipping through them - these existed at one point in time, back when Cintiqs were seen as a novelty item in the industry.)

If I remember right, one of the roommates at the time had a high end printer which I used to knock these portfolios out with. Later on I was at the mercy of Kinko's. The first got me into the industry, the latter not so much. Which makes one wonder if it was the quality of the work or the prints that caught their eye first time around, since I was drawing sh*t at the time. But it was sh*t that was high res on 80lb satin matte paper.

But oh well. Предоставь мертвым погребать своих мертвецов.

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