Sunday, March 15, 2015

Boba Fett Youth

In honor of the long anticipated - by me - re-release of a favorite band from my misspent youth, Boba Fett...Youth.

Was listening to these guys well before the CalArts days, well before the animation hellhole days at Allan Hancock College... well before the internet. In short, these guys played, toured, recorded, and disbanded before art became my fulltime occupation, when "1337" still meant one thousand three hundred and thirty seven. And before corporate copyrights were as monolithic as they are now.

Anyhow, interesting punk band that had as many memorable progressive technical chops as they did endearing f*ck ups. And great album artwork to boot. Here's the link:

Boba Fett Youth - Punks In Vegas archive.

Highly recommend the full length LP, though the Rare and Unreleased has some notable tracks. Favorites include Crush Kill Destroy, Dress the Part, Big City Soup, Compromise, Shrug/Scumrider (treated as one song in my mind), and Everything's Fine, anthem for our group's countless nights on hilltops launching water balloons - or most anything else, not excluding fishing weights - at suburban housing tracts.

Indeed, Mr. Lucas and Williams, they do play the Imperial March in one of their songs. You're welcome.

Speaking of music and art, a work-in-progress that's been tooled with for the past few months. Inspired by several Rush songs (and yes, am going to list them now): Analog Kid, Red Barchetta, and The Body Electric.

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Bakla said...

I am pretty partial to their tune Bike Power, I am kicking myself for missing their reunion gig a while back