Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Older Sketches, continued

Remember doing these either at the old office space, or at a sketch session with the coworkers at Starbucks, back around October of 2012. Above is 2nd pass, below is the 1st; Colerase on paper.
Ended up redoing the faces (and a couple of the graphic logos in the margins) on the Cintiq this past week, plus the additional character study on the bottom right. What a (hopeful) difference a few years makes in learning correct understructure. It's funny, what at one time you think "Yes, that is the sh*t" only to see it a few years later and realize "Yes, this is sh*t.

To quote Max von Sydow's portrayal of Dr. Kynes - and in the same resigned voice, "The process of removal continues"...

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