Saturday, October 18, 2014

Color and Tone Studies

(Am finding whenever I do color pieces, any sort of dreams I have afterwards are way more involved and detailed, almost to the point of exhaustion whenever I wake up. Was it Picasso or Van Gogh that was said to have suffered from epilepsy, which in turn is speculated to have contributed to their unusual color palettes and shape choices. If that's an accurate portrayal, I can see the merit in the concept. And how disturbingly prescient Zamyatin was in We.)

Some color and tone studies from these past few weeks. First one's from a story that's been rattling around for awhile; second and third are more Halloween themed that I'll probably color over the next few weeks. Am sure I'll spot mistakes in the meantime, but I partially blame the Hitachino Nest for uninhibiting enough me to post these.

("...uninhibiting enough me..." No occifer, I'm not drunk.)


Mall said...

That female alien reminds me of me. Almost. hihihihihi @ w @

Khylov said...

Yeah, almost. But no SI Swimsuit or catwalk.