Thursday, August 07, 2014

Nihon Sketches

Done as merchandise for a friend's obon festival booth. A bit more what I was hoping for last few posts in terms of hitting shapes. Started out as a fairly undynamic single drawing, redrew it on another layer over the old image, then flipped it and started on another character (right panel).

So again, breaking the rule of starting from scratch. I find I'm doing this more as a consequence to being a board artist, where you're essentially redrawing over an older image if you're redrawing anything at all, given the time constraints. Double edged sword of learning how to draw fast, which theoretically should make one better at hitting something with a quick gesture first time through, but getting so caught up in the time constraint "must make output" mindset of a board artist that one doesn't bother with doing proper multiple studies of the same image or subject, as any pre-digital artist would've done. Which is sort of a negation of why anyone would redraw something in the first place, in'it.

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