Monday, February 17, 2014

~ UNUSABLE!... ~ (updated)

(Under-rendered 2nd pass. Ran out of steam once I got to Hoichi's - the dragon's - head, hence the lop-sidedness. Literally fell out of the chair drawing it.
Also... adjusted the design on the dragon's body to match a little more with the Ben Shahn face.)

Have found that if ever asked if you have a list of favorite anything, be it movies, artists, whatever, it's usually less to learn what you like and more how quickly you can be pegged into a definable niche. Not that what you watch, read, or listen to is the end-all be-all of what you do - or would want to do - artistically, but that's usually the sort of binary, product-placement approach that the entertainment industry favors. Given this, it's probably safer and easier to rattle off some boilerplate choices during an interview: Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and that really artsy film where the end is the beginning and the whole story goes in, like, reverse... or, wait, maybe it has something to do with cars... Well, it's slow and has a European director, so it's deep.

  (Several passes on Hoichi's head, before I finally slumped in my chair and did the squish-headed version above.)

Not that these are bad films, but just the same as what you like is not the end-all be-all of what you do, neither are these films everything that would be considered film or story. And neither are your choices for that matter, which sort of underlies the whole point of why "What you like" is, well, what you like to whatever degree, without necessarily being the Ten Commandments template that influences everything you would want to do later on.
 (Over-rendered first pass. Travis' face turned out better on this one I thought. Hoichi's a bit too literal, while not resembling the actor all that much.)

And let's face it, 9 times out of ten, one is asked to be competent, not to trailblaze. Which again only emphasizes the whole point of looking at one's actual past work rather than hounding on a Top 5 that coincides with AFI's list to whatever degree...


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