Saturday, December 29, 2012

 ~ Fight Sequence Vignettes ~

Sequential beatboarding. If there is such a thing:

Not much to it, but I'm pretty spent from the last gig I was on. I need to read more and formulate some short stories that are manageable graphic novel projects. The above helps, but more with the technical end of things (anatomy, pacing, moments) rather than coming up with real inspirational story kernels to run with as of late.

Read something the other day asking "Where are the [Clint] Eastwoods of animation?" Someone followed up with the astute observation that the American animation industry's decisively said "no" to wanting that possibility come to pass.

I'm tempted to say: "Let me see what I can come up with next post"; but it only underlies the whole point - as redundant as it will sound - that most anything apart from the "recoup-franchise-investment" studio system is more than likely going to be happening outside of the usual 9-to-eternity animation workplace. Whether any of it will be to the level of eclectic Eastwood cinema is left to be seen. And it will probably need more than naked chimeric ladies to meet that bar.

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