Thursday, July 17, 2008

Slight Detour...

Before getting back to the Acheulian stuff... some left overs from that box of sketches I was talking about earlier...

-Quick illo to finalize the characters. (After several hundred sketches, you'd think I'd have it by now...)
-Couple of quick pages. I lagged on putting the dialog in the word bubbles.
(I'm trying to approach these with the mindset of getting the scene to fit within a page/frame limit. Bastardized version of a Sunday strip. If I can get this down to one page of images explaining the scenario... but then again, that's assuming anyone's reading it by that point.)

-And no word bubbles this time. Hooray for lack of ideas. First panel could've used a little more finesse with the characters against a busy bg - line issues mostly.

(I think I ended up doing ok on the 3rd page, despite the discrepency with her hair being out of her face/in her face between the first two identical poses.)
(Spacing of panels needs work. Pose on his recoil on the final panel could be pushed more - problem is how to get it to read easily as silhouette while making him look like he's barely keeping on his feet from the kick back. Problems, problems... On the upside, I finally got to add some shooting and explosions for once. )

(And no, she's fine, as are the C-Sec troops - it's one of those magic "no one dies" moments. Call it the GI Joe equation, where the characters find that mathematical sweet spot in the space/time continuum that allows them to parachute out of exploding planes in the middle of a hellstorm firefight - and no one gets hurt. This enigma of nature correlates directly with American FCC regulations circa the 1980's, coincidentally enough...)

Thanks to everyone who posted comments last time, much appreciated. I'll respond this time, I promise.


Anonymous said...

Looks great man. I'll have my comic ready when your is? Are you coming to comic con?

Kelly said...

Craftsmanship, motion, spontaneity.
I enjoy. :)

Khylov said...


Thanks, yo.

And, hmm... well, my comic should be done before the next Ice Age. So anytime before that would be good.

I'd like to go to Comicon, but I'm pretty sure other things are going to cut into that venture. On the upside, Udon said they'd mail me a free copy of the Tribute. I'm curious to see how the illustration turned out.


Oh c'mon, you're describing yourself there. :]

Josh (musarter) said...

These are great sketches with some great movement. It would be awesome to see a finished page, to get a feel of how the comic might look.

Anonymous said...

I like it. I mentioned how cool you are on my blog today. Nice to see someone that shares some of my favorite things to blog about. I will keep coming back to see how close you are to finished product. Especially if you put it up on wowio for cheapskates like myself.

Fawn said...

done by next ice age??
then be prepare to lose our bet, or put our a book by next year!

Khylov said...


Danke again for the compliments. I did have some pen and ink pages somewhere back here. A couple of them:

There are more of them lurking down there at the bottom of the page somewhere; all needing some reworking at some point or another.


…Or should I say David Juel? Haha, I wasn’t sure if this was a spam plug for wowio or not until I retraced my steps and found your blog. Dude, you’re too kind; leave your blog signin here for folks to see if you come back to comment, yo.

And… do expect at least one UFO to sneak in here sometime over the next year. Next to the evo icons, I need as many sci fi themes as possible.


Yes ma’am. *salutes*

But… it’s not fair: You got to see what I was working on; but I never got to spy your drawings. So…. To correct this situation, you most post more of your art online. Now. Immediately. Right now. Yes. Right.... now! NOW!!!! SCHNELL! SCHNELL!! GEHEN SIE!!!! ACHTUUUUNG!!!! (to use some friendly and never-fascist German motivational phrases there.)

P.S.; Me and Noel miss having lunch with you.

jimmy said...

i found your blog after visiting your dA. impressive sketches sir! i think your brunette kitty character is better & sexier than blonde one, man. great job

Highflyin' V said...

Kyle! Your posts remind me of our conversations - it's great. Your drawings on this blog are amazing man.

Khylov said...


Indeed, I like the new design much better.



I really enjoyed those conversations during overtime. You and Steve probably kept me from building a small carboard shack on the East Wing, where I would have inevitably started the manufacture of Drano bombs and 500 page anti-technology manifestoes written in crayon on toilet paper rolls. So, for keeping me out of the cabin flannel, I am grateful.

Makes me wish I had recorded those conversations for posterity. I should get one of those digital recorders hooked up to a shotgun mic - have it set up like the arm rig DeNiro had in Taxi Driver. Aggresively recording the moment...

Hmm, yeah, that would've gone over well at the studio. Suddenly brandishing a foot long cylindrical plastic black object with wires attached out of your right sleeve, at lightning speed, and aiming it intently at someone while asking them to speak into it - that's asking for trouble. Or a raise, depending on how you do it.