Monday, September 10, 2007

Tick Platform, pt. II:

Yup, well; he seems to be shooting at something else (preferrably another mech). And of course, whatever he's shooting at is still offscreen. Hey, I have to at least keep a certain amount of mystery or suspense to this; not too much revealed.... Works for Lost, right?

Here are some additional studies for the mech:

I'm thinking that the feet are designed to dig into the ground in conjunction with a discharge from the cannon, stabilizing it whenever it fires. Hence, the designation "tick" for this model. The arms are bowed so as to take the recoil of the gun at odd angles (Actually, it's for silhouette value, to make the arms read easier against the body; but hey, sounds fancier to have a physics excuse for the design).

PS CS, Toshiba Tecra M7 tablet PC. And the shooting of phantom bogies continues...


cogwurx said...

Nice! I like the frantic feel of this. The sketchiness of this gives the image a sense of the power of the guns and the recoil. The one thing that stands out, though, is the flash off the gun. It looks too much like it's behind the bus stop sign. I'm thinking that there should be some flash overlapping the sign a bit.

Kyle Shockley said...

You know, i thought a bit about that too, the overlap of the flash. I was worried that if I had that, it would make the bot seem alot smaller, alot closer to the foreground elements. I wanted to keep the atmospheric perspective going, and the size of the robot much bigger. I did, however, fix the perspective a bit on the bus stop platform after you mentioned this.